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Lauren Bobert nods to Biden’s calls for arms reform, calls for phone use

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Republican Rep. Laurent Bobert, who has a strong stance on gun control, was unhappy as Biden spoke out against the ban on offensive weapons magazines.

The Colorado congresswoman, who is one of only 200 lawmakers who can attend the president’s joint speech to Congress, shakes her head.

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Cassie Hunt was one of the people who said that Mrs. Robert also did not applaud when Biden urged Americans to get vaccinated.

Most of Mrs. Robert’s Republican colleagues applauded.

Ms. Hunt tweeted that the legislature seemed to be writing messages, noting shortly afterwards that she was still writing on the phone.

While President Biden was still speaking, Mrs. Bobert responded on Twitter to correct him. “* Twitter”.

In her official Twitter account, Mrs. Robert responded to the speech with her live tweet. “What I hear are plans to spend trillions of dollars and raise taxes.”

He added. “What I do not want to hear are the sincere calls for unity of this authoritarian leader, his radical administration.”

For a moment he wrote in tweets: “Am I, or is Biden talking about the many problems that have arisen during his nearly 50 years in office?”

He wrote about gun control. “Will Joe Biden launch a crusade for gun control by investigating Hunter?”

At the same time, Mrs. Robert posted on her personal Twitter: That’s not it. “

He followed up by asking for donations to his campaign.

Mrs. Robert later wrote: “We, the people, had a big enough government.”

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