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Machi Bryant did not approach police at the scene before the shooting

Claim Machiavelli Bryant was shot dead after he asked an officer to explain his situation.

It has been almost three days since police shot and killed 16-year-old Machi Bryant on April 20 in Columbus, Ohio. During that time, we saw Bryant mourn his վաղ և և մահ վաղ մահ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

While the police are investigating, many details remain unclear, misinformation about the incident has spread widely on social networks.

According to USA TODAY, one of the widely circulated reports falsely states that Bryant did not have a knife at the time of the shooting.

Another report, released on the evening of April 20, alleges that Bryant was shot dead as he approached an officer at the scene.

Ma & # 39; Khia Bryant

Machiavelli Bryant

“After being attacked by several girls in his neighborhood, 16-year-old Machia Bryant called Columbus Ohio State Police for help. Police prepared the scene. Machia approached the officer to explain his situation. [sic]”, Wrote user John on McNair in the post.

US TODAY came to the aid of the user to comment.

Columbus officials have not yet clarified some details of the incident, including whether Bryant made 911 calls.

But the claim to contact the police before the shooting is not true. The body camera footage and the video of the victim’s security camera show that Bryant did not turn to the officers for help.

What we know about filming

At a news conference on April 21, the day after the shooting, the interim Columbus police chief released the bodyguards from the perspective of two officers on the scene. who arrived shortly after Reardon.

In addition, a resident of the house in front of the foster home, where Bryant lived, shared with police և Columbus Dispatch footage from a wide range of security incidents.

Interim Chief of Columbus Police Michael Wood addresses the media during a press conference to provide more information to the public about the events surrounding the death of May Hai Bryant, who was shot dead by a Columbus police officer on April 20, 2021.

Interim Columbus Police Chief Michael Wood told a news conference to provide more information to the public about the death of Machiavelli Bryant, who was shot dead by a Columbus police officer on April 20, 2021.

The security camera footage shows about seven people outside the foster home. Shortly after Reardon got out of his car, Bryant charged a girl who fell to the ground. At this moment, the officer is killed towards Bryant, but is unable to reach him.

A few seconds later, Reardon’s body camera shows Bryant with a knife in his hand and his lungs bent toward a young woman nailed to a car. When Bryant returns with a knife, Reardon fires four shots.

About 10 seconds passed between the “shooting” of the officer’s arrival.

Prior to the confrontation, the Columbus Department of Public Safety received two 911 calls asking officers for help at the foster home where Bryant lived. The second caller turned off the phone when police arrived at 4 p.m. 44

Columbus police have not yet identified the 911 callers, so it is unclear whether Bryant called for help. However, no footage shows Bryant approaching police officers before the shooting.

People listen when Ma & # 39; Khia Bryant speaks for a 16-year-old during community surveillance in 2021. At Douglas Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday, April 21st. Several hundred people remembered remembering Ma & # 39; Khia, who was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer during a deadly police shooting in 2021. On April 20.

People hear Ma’Khia Bryant’s friends speak Wednesday, April 21, 2021, during a community control for a 16-year-old at Douglas Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio. Several hundred people remembered remembering Machiavelli, who was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer in 2021. On April 20, a fatal shot was fired by the police.

Our rating is fake

We appreciate the assertion that Bryant appealed to the police at the scene to DRIVE SE SE until it is confirmed by our investigation. Footage and security footage show Bryant did not approach police after arriving at the scene.

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This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY. Fact check. Ma’Khia Bryant did not approach the officer before the shooting

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