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McConnell calls on Ed Depp to abandon the “1619 Project” curriculum changes. “Words և Sermon”

In a letter to Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of Education, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell demanded that the Department of Education revoke the proposed changes to the public education curriculum based on the anti-American civic curriculum, the 1619 Draft.

“Your priorities are redoubled by divisive, radical, historically dubious puns,” McConnell wrote in a letter he received. Politics:“Americans do not need or want their tax dollars to deviate from promoting our nation’s unifying principles to promoting radical ideologies that aim to divide us.”

Speaking on behalf of the 37 Republicans in the Senate, McConnell cited a decline in national education standards as reasons for rejecting the department’s proposal, such as poor student history in U.S. history and civil society, as well as insufficient popular support.

“Families have not asked for this divisive nonsense. Voters did not vote for it. “Americans have never decided that our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil,” he wrote. “If your administration had proposed real legislation instead of doing it quietly through the Federal Register, that legislation would not have passed Congress.”

Changes to the rules or “Suggested Priorities”, in particular, cite the controversial 1619 draft, կապ linking funding for the Department of Education to the adoption of 1619 inspired civic curricula.

The 1619 project is a special feature New York Times Magazine: which sought to reorient American history around the idea that the preservation of slavery had always been a powerful feature of the national fabric, even motivating the American Revolution. The authors of 1619 programs developed an accompanying curriculum, which has already been adopted by several public school systems in the country. McConnell confirmed that many authoritative historians have denied the many “factual-historical errors” of the projects.

The inclusion of the 1619 Project in the proposal probably prompted McConnell և the Senate Senate Opposition Statement.

McConnell reaffirmed the importance of instilling in the country’s founding history և principles as well as the subsequent chapters that unite the United States around a common ethnicity, race, or language. He argued that the Department of Education’s initiative was far from a bipartisan understanding of recent history, which required students to have a solid, comprehensive knowledge of the historical development of American institutions.

“The youth of our nation do not need an activist upbringing based solely on the shortcomings of the past; our nation is divided into divided camps,” he continued. “Taxpayer-supported programs should emphasize our common civic virtues, not push for radical eradication agendas.”

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