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Meet the boat-dwelling Democrat with a gun in America’s future

Manchin is currently the most powerful person in the US Senate

Manchin is currently the most powerful person in the US Senate

Joe Biden’s huge plans և The future of America can be decided on a harmless-looking home boat a few miles from the US Capitol.

It belongs to West Virginia Democrat Sen. Demo Mancini, who emerged as the key vote needed to pass Mr. Biden’s multibillion-dollar bill in Congress.

The Senate is split between 50 and 50 Democrats, with Vice President Kamala Harris voting decisively.

Republicans are united in their opposition. So it all depends on Mr. Mancini, the most conservative Democrat senator. He is now widely regarded as “the second most powerful” eo “in Washington.”

Mr. Manchin is known for his fiscal prudence, he has serious doubts.

Hearing of Mr. Biden’s speech in Congress on Wednesday, during which he made numerous notes, he said: “It’s a lot of money. BA money K money. It makes you very uncomfortable. ”

Mancini - Reuters

Mancini – Reuters

Mr Manchin is ousted from the Democratic Party in Washington. He does not like the capital so much that during his tenure there he refused to buy or rent a house.

Instead, he lives and works on a 40-foot boat, which is much cheaper than any land property.

His Water-based residence has become an easy escape, where Democrats and Republicans can mingle privately away from the toxic atmosphere of Congress.

He takes his political friends and enemies on an evening voyage along the Potomac River for pizza and beer, and his ship has been dubbed the “flagship of the centrist fleet.”

Although Mr. Biden promised bipartisanship, in practice Mr. It is Mancini who is really pursuing it. At present, Republicans speak not to the White House, but to the “other.”

Even Ted Cruz, a Republican firefighter senator, was on board. Moderate Republican Susan Collins from Maine is a frequent guest, as is Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer.

Mancini - AFP:

Mancini – AFP:

“She [Mr Manchin] suddenly becomes the most powerful person in this place [the Senate]”He is the 50th vote for everything,” said Democrat Sen. Chris Koons, a close friend of Mr. Biden.

Mr Manchin is currently talking to Republicans about their $ 568 billion alternative infrastructure offer, which is a quarter of Mr. Biden’s $ 2.3 trillion plan.

Last week, Mr. Manchin met with Senator Lindsey Graham, an ally of Donald Trump. He spoke with Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, which has worried some Democrats.

Mr. Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, a $ 1.8 trillion program for American families focused on education, child care, and his $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus package, is the largest expansion of the U.S. government since the 1960s.

However, Mr. Mancin has already stated that he will not support raising the corporate tax from 21 percent to 28 percent to pay part of it. Its limit is 25 percent.

He is said to be concerned about the president’s doubling of the capital gains tax on 43.4 percent of investors, who make more than $ 1 million.

Mr. Manchin grew up in Farmington, West Virginia, a small carbon town.

He worked in a grocery store, then went to the University of West Virginia on an American football scholarship as a star defender until a devastating knee injury.

He later developed into local politics, eventually becoming the people’s ruler of the state.

Mr. Trump beat West Virginia by 42 points in 2016 and by 39 points in 2020.

All other senior statesmen in the state are Republicans. But West Virginia continues to vote for one Democrat, 74-year-old Manchin.

In campaign advertisements, Mr. Manchin likes to use a pistol to dig holes in legislation he does not like.

Although he sided with Democrats on many issues, including Obamacare, he advocated for Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, strongly supporting the second amendment, and opposing the Democrats’ $ 15 minimum wage program.

After the President’s speech, he said. “We can not reach the point where we stop investing and growth in 2022, 2023, 2024 և after that. How much more debt? We are almost $ 28.3 trillion. [in debt],

“It’s not stable in anyone’s book. We rely on Uncle Sam to do everything. ”

Mr Manchin calls himself an “West Virginia Democrat, not a Washington Democrat” and often declares that “the worst day in West Virginia was better than my best day as a Washington senator.”

When he finally retires, he wants to sail home to West Virginia.

Before that, the White House hopes that he will find his way to the Democratic Party.

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