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Miami Private School Centner Academy will not employ vaccinated teachers or staff

A private school in Miami with two buildings has warned staff not to use COVID-19 vaccines, saying it would not work for someone who had been vaccinated and was spreading misinformation about the potential risks of vaccines.

Centner Academy, one of the universities in the Edgewater Region of Design, e-mailed parents on Monday about staff ուսուցիչ staff policies. The statement, first reported by the New York Times, angered parents, teachers and medical experts because it was presented as a fact without citing any scientific evidence.

Leyla Setner, who co-founded the school with her husband David Sentner, warned that vaccinated people “could pass on something from their bodies” that could harm others, particularly women կանանց reproductive systems, fertility և normal growth and development. ” »

In an e-mail, Sentner acknowledged that the information was “new, yet to be investigated.” He also asked employees who did not receive the COVID vaccine to wait until the end of the school year. He also advised faculty and staff to discontinue the injection “until further investigation has been conducted into whether this experimental drug is effective in unvaccinated individuals.”

“It is our policy, as far as possible, not to work on anyone who has given a COVID-19 test injection until additional information becomes known,” he wrote to his parents.

Centner Academy joined in 2018, state records show. The school has about 300 students and charges $ 30,000 a year in high school tuition, according to information posted on its website

A statement from the Herald said the vaccine was a concern, but the allegations were not substantiated by scientific evidence or evaluated research, but were only references to unofficial websites designed to track vaccine-related deaths.

“We know not everyone agrees on this topic, but this is our philosophy at Centner Academy, shared by many of our teachers and parents,” the statement said. Leyla Sentner did not respond to requests for comment.

21-year-old Alhia Molina, 40-year-old Neila Granzotti Rudein և 45-year-old Bianca Erickson closed their eyes while thinking for a moment at Centner Academy & & # x20AC; & # x2122; in preview as Miami Design District School, Aug. 21, 2019.

21-year-old Alhia Molina, 40-year-old Neila Granzotti Rudein և 45-year-old Bianca Erickson, on August 21, 2019, during a preview at Centner Academy in Miami Design School, pondered for a moment.

Last week, Sentner wrote a letter to the faculty informing staff that he had made a “very hard-hearted” decision to adopt the new policy. He listed the reasons behind the misinformation as to why the vaccine is dangerous. He added that he “had to take action”.

“I strongly believe in the freedom of health, ‘my body is my choice,’ so employees did not hesitate to choose the COVID-19 vaccine until April 21, 2021,” he wrote. “However, there have been recent reports that unvaccinated people have a negative effect on contact with vaccinated people.”

Sentner asked staff who had already received the vaccine to report it to the school and to keep a physical distance from the students. He also demanded that all employees disclose the information by filling out a confidential form.

Disseminating misinformation about COVID vaccines without citing scientific evidence or even quoting a medical expert can reduce the underlying messages that public health officials have taken to test and control the spread of the virus, says Eileen Martin, MD, chief infectious disease specialist : With Vertheim Medical College, International University of Florida.

Martin said he had read the letter to his parents, calling it “very sad”. Because it was written by the school’s co-founder, Martin said, parents can assume that these statements are scientifically substantiated if there is no evidence that people receiving the COVID vaccine risk “transmitting something from their body.” Which will harm others. ,

“It gives the illusion that he is based on facts,” Martin said of the letter, “but there is not a single reference, not a single doctor or scientist whose name is written there. There are no links. Nothing There is no scientific evidence provided. “Gossip is the only thing that exists. If you look at the reality, the basis of these accusations is zero, zero science.”

March added that baseless allegations, such as those circulating in the letter, could create a wave of ignorance that could undermine much of the work that public health officials are doing to control the spread of the virus.

“If they believe it, then they share this big lie, it has a terrible effect on our whole community,” he said.

COVID-19 continues to spread in Florida. The Department of Health reported more than 3,500 new cases of the disease on Monday, including more than 760 in Miami-Dade. As new infections began in the spring of 2019, and hospitalizations և deaths from the disease increased և plunged across the area, school officials took preventive measures suggested by public health officials.

A former St. Petersburg Academy teacher told the Miami Herald in September that social distance սոցիալական wearing masks, if any, was very rare among staff members, while there was a mandatory mask order in the Miami-Dade area. The teacher said that Leila Sentner spread misinformation about coronavirus ներում masks in teachers’ group conversations.

In an email to parents on Monday, Leyla Sentner said the school was one of the first to be closed due to the March 2019 epidemic, one of the first to reopen on September 8 for personal study. “We weighed the data և to study the research,” he wrote in the letter. “We knew at the time that children had a 99.9974% survival rate, not over-distribution.”

Since then, the school has been in turmoil among teachers and administrators.

Leyla: David Sentner moved from New York to Miami, David’s birthplace, to raise their two daughters. David Sentner, who graduated from Coral Park Senior High, worked at Frankie’s Pizza, and his wife, businesswoman Leyla, made a fortune by selling their Highway Toll Administration company for an undisclosed fee.

Dissatisfied with local education opportunities, they opened Centner Academy in 2019 as the first Happiness School in the Design District. It is obviously displayed on the school website. “MEDICAL REALITY PROTECTED V REPLIES RO”.

The school charges $ 15,160 part-time for Pre-K 2 և $ 24,500 $ for K-5 classes. Pre-K University is located in the pre-design area, and Pre-K և High School is located on the site of the former ASPIRA Statutory School.

The couple reported that several students in the surrounding district were attending school. The school also provides teachers with the opportunity to live in neighboring Centners owned by the school at a reduced rent.

The school has a staff surgeon who treats students և staff adjustments օգտագործ using crystals carefully among students.

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