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MP Jamal Bowman is calling for more progress in response to Biden’s speech

Ama Amal Bowman

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-New York). AP Photo / Mark Lennihan:

  • MP Jamal Bowman gave a progressive response to the first joint sitting of the Biden Congress.

  • The congressman called for environmental justice, racial equality and a fairer economic system.

  • He is a staunch supporter of legislation that will allow access to organized labor.

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New York Democratic freshman ama amal Bowman on Wednesday set: Deeply progressive response to President Joe Biden at the first joint session of Congress, arguing for an increase in aid to working families, the strengthening of labor unions, and the argument for a new green deal for cities and public schools.

Speaking on behalf of the Working Families Party, Bowman shaped America’s vision of transforming what is now seen as a constraint on democratic governance.

Bowman is an ally of Biden, but for a more just American society, his project goes beyond what the president has often discussed, from economics to politics to policing.

Bowman praised Biden for his commitment to expanding education, as outlined in the president’s $ 1.8 trillion program that offers a universal, two-year, free community college.

“I was pleased to hear that President Biden was proposing to expand free public education to include pre-school and community colleges,” he said. “All this is good, it is powerful, it will bring a big change.”

The congressman then focused on the economic devastation that has ravaged the country since the COVID-19 epidemic last year, stressing that more needs to be done to improve the economic conditions of ordinary Americans. He raises these issues, along with the protection of the environment, racial justice, and the right to vote, all the topics that progressive lawmakers and activists have been talking about for years.

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“Although the richest billionaires became richer by $ 1 trillion during the epidemic, today more than 10 million families have rent problems, 8 million fewer jobs than a year ago,” Boom said. “The climate crisis continues to plague our communities. Scientists say we are not getting it right.” “Every week we see a new video of ruthless police, black men, brown women, women and even children.”

He added. “And our democracy is still under attack, the legislatures of the whole republic are suppressing our right to vote.”

A member of the Squat, a Democrat from Boom, which has been making waves in the House of Representatives since 2019, has called for a reshuffle of how the United States operates at a fundamental level.

“We must rebuild our nation on new foundations, on the foundations of love, care and equality,” he said. “Where justice is truly real for all of us, regardless of race, class, gender, orientation or religion. I fully believe we can. ”

Because Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate, both the White House and Bowman, Bowman said Democrats could have much higher goals for economic justice. (Although their control over the Senate is negligible.)

In his speech, Bowman called for support for the THRIVE Act, a $ 10 trillion infrastructure project that provides far more funding than the current $ 2 trillion infrastructure bill that Democratic leaders would like to receive this year.

Bowman said the bill could create 15 million union jobs, help boost the country’s economic recovery while addressing climate issues and environmental justice.

The congressman also called for a bill to protect the “Right to Organize” or “PRO,” which prefers labor law laws that many states have enacted to weaken trade unions.

The House passed the bill last month, but its passage in the Senate remains vague due to strong opposition from the GOP.

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