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MP Val Demings, a former police chief, defended the officer who killed 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant, saying he had apparently returned to training.

Val Demings
Florida representative Val Demings appears on “Against the Nation” program. CBS News:
  • Florida Democrat Val Demings appeared on “Face to Nation” on Sunday.

  • The former Orlando police chief was asked to burden the murder of 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant.

  • Demings said that “it seems that the officer responded as he was prepared to do.”

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Florida Democrat and former Florida Gov. Val Demings has come to the defense of an Ohio officer who fatally shot dead Ma’Khia Bryant last week.

Columbus, Ohio police officer Nicholas Reardon shot dead 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant in response to a call about a fight near a teenager’s foster home. Bodokama’s footage shows the officer firing four shots at Bryant as he threw himself at another girl while holding a knife.

On the show “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Demings said Bryant’s death was a “sad moment” for him, both as a former patrol officer and as a former social worker who worked with foster children. Demings, a 27-year-old police veteran, held the position of Orlando Police Chief until 2016. Elected to Congress.

Demings said that based on the “limited information” released, looking at the footage of the shooting, “it turns out that the officer responded when he was about to do so, preventing the main intention – to prevent the tragedy – the loss of life of the person who is going to be abused.”

He stressed that the work of the police is difficult to do in tense situations “when making decisions in seconds.”

“Now everyone is winning to slow down the video, to catch the perfect moment. A street officer does not have that ability. “He has to make the decisions of those moments. They are tough,” Demings said.

See her appearance here:

Bryant’s death sparked protests in Ohio and elsewhere. It was the second police killing in a month that caught the national attention in a month after the March 29 shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago.

Officer Reardon, who has been with Columbus Police since December 2019, has been on administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting.

the police

The Columbus Police Department is second only to the Chicago Police Department in the number of teenagers killed by its officers. The Columbus PD is on par with the New York Police Department.

The state of Ohio, where Bryant was killed, also has the highest death toll from police shootings in the country.

Deming appeared on “Face the Nation” to promote George W. Floyd’s Justice in the Police Act, which calls for greater police accountability and transparency. It passed the House of Representatives in June, when only three Republicans voted in favor of the bill. It has yet to be voted on in the Senate.

Last week, Demings և Republican Jim’s son Jordan entered the game shouting during a police commission hearing when Deming accused Republicans of supporting law enforcement only when it was “politically convenient.”

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