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Nature is “more powerful than ever in blocking”

In Peak Cheshire, October 2020

According to many studies, time in nature promotes mental and physical well-being

The data confirmed what many suspected. Nature և Green areas were a great comfort during the blockade.

More than 40% of people say that nature, wildlife, and visiting local green spaces have become more important to their well-being as coronavirus restrictions have begun.

Interest rates have remained stable throughout the epidemic, according to Natural Environment Adviser to the Government.

And the trend can be maintained.

Numerous studies from bodies like those in natural England have shown that people felt that time in nature supported their mental and physical well-being during blockages.



A review of data on surveys on the role of green spaces over the past year by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said changes in personal behavior ատիվ corporate attitudes could mean the UK would appreciate cooperating after the post-election blockade. with nature on a much larger scale than before the epidemic.

“What we do not yet know is whether the changes brought about by the blockade will be a temporary trend or a new way of life.”

Green spaces have helped bring people together at different times during an epidemic, studies have shown, and can play a role in meeting people’s family and friends.

South London Park in March 2021

During the closure we used parks և green areas in different ways

The percentage of people who spend their time outdoors with loved ones increases through blockchain, from 11% in May to 22% in May, the ONS said. During the summer months, this growth was maintained until January, when it dropped to 19%.

Lockdown also highlighted the inequalities of society that exist in private green spaces such as gardens.

About one in thirteen homes in the UK does not have access to a private or public garden. This figure reaches one in five households in London.

According to a study by Cardiff University և Cardiff Metropolitan University, people with green space or access to a private garden on their doorstep reported better health and well-being during and after the first blockade in the UK.

Researchers have found that people with nearby gardens are more likely to feel calm and energetic than those who do not have a garden or are far from green.

Meanwhile, a study published in the journal “Cities” found that there is a connection between the “well-being” of everyday gardening.

A survey of more than 6,000 people found that people with a daily gardener had higher levels of well-being (6.6% higher) ավելի lower stress levels (4.2% lower) than those of humans who do not engage in gardening at all.

Dr. Lorian Chalmin-Poe, RHS Welfare Specialist, said: “During gardening, our brains pleasantly deviate from the nature of the environment. This diverts our attention from ourselves և stress, thereby restoring our mind, reducing negative emotions. «

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