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Nebraska Sen. Says He Will Not Choose School When Partners Send Their Children to Secondary School

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American universities have lost their prestige

Nothing is foreign than a modern American university. Not so long ago, Americans idolized their universities. Indeed, in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and business, many of these prestigious departments and schools remain at the forefront of the world. Higher education explains most of the current scientific, technological, and commercial excellence in the United States. After World War II, which benefited in part from high-quality American research, production, and logistics, college education became a prerequisite for a successful career. The GI bill allowed about 8 million returning veterinarians to go to college. Many have done a good job. The university was a rich resource for continuing education from the late 1940s to the 1960s. It introduced much of the world’s literature, from Homer to Tolstoy to the American middle class. But today’s universities and colleges are generally less like post-war higher education. Even in the turbulent 1960s, when universities suffered from radical protests and periodic violence, there was still institutionalized free speech. The Empirical College curriculum has largely survived the chaos of the 1960s. But it does not exist now. Instead, imagine a place where certification of excellence in education, a bachelor of arts degree, is not a guarantee that a graduate can speak, write, or communicate or think inductively. Imagine a place that requires applicants to submit high-standardized midterm test scores but does not require its own graduates to take a basic unified competency test. Imagine a place where a minority of elite workers receive life guarantees after an initial probationary period. Imagine a place that is supposed to be dedicated to justice, where only 30% of the teaching staff has privileges to hold office. The remaining 70% are second-class, classified as part-time or “conditional” faculty. And they get a portion of the compensation for one hour of training that their more elite counterparts receive. Imagine a place that nurtures student interaction and criticism of the “institution”, yet the ratio of teachers to administrators is one to one. The amount allocated for non-teaching administrative expenses is now equal to the amount allocated for class teaching. Imagine a place where “diversity” is the institutional ethos, while studies show that liberals outnumber their conservative counterparts by more than ten. Imagine a liberal place where in 2021. The race can still be used as a criterion for selecting or rejecting applicants, selecting future dormitory roommates, arranging separate dormitories, and restricting access to special areas of the educational complex. Imagine a progressive place that once renounced the unconstitutional “oaths of allegiance” but now transforms such oaths as the “promises of diversity” – requires re-education – indoctrination. Imagine a place that is not taxed with endowed gifts that restrict free speech and expression. Nonprofit universities make it impossible for some speakers to give lectures, և they often interrupt the constitutionally protected process for students facing certain charges. Imagine a place that is loudly devoted to revenue, capital, market equity, compared to the fact that the 800 largest colleges and universities have more than $ 600 billion in funding. But only 20 elite universities make up half of that total. And only four – Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Princeton – make up almost a quarter of all donated funds. Imagine a liberal place where tuition ը total spending has risen far above inflation, with graduates now owed a combined $ 1.7 trillion in student loan debt. There is little hope that many of these student debtors will ever repay their obligations, which each average more than $ 30,000. Imagine a place that has institutionalized human rights but welcomes some 400,000 Chinese human rights abusers, most of them descendants of the elite Communist Party, who provide a lucrative source of university income. Imagine a place where faculty and students now selectively change the names of university streets, centers, and buildings that honor supposedly illiberal, long-dead donors, alumni, and former heroes. Interestingly, universities never change the brand names of their marketing foundations. The founders or original sponsors, such as Leland Stanford, Ellie Yale, and Lord Fefer Amherst, were not as illiberal as Father Jun Unipero Serra, Count Warren, and Woodrow Wilson, whose names were dropped from some college universities. As long as universities offered highly educated “liberal alumni” at a reasonable price, they kept politics away from the lecture hall, Americans did not think much about features such as tenure, inheritance, untaxed gift, rebellious students և unique faculty, but when They began to make too many accusations, to get a bad education, to pursue a constant policy, to owe millions of people, to commit hypocrisy, the universities separated the Americans. Just like the Hollywood propaganda boards when no one else can make good movies, the once sacred but now self-confident university seems hollow when it charges so much for so little money. © 2021 Center of American Greatness

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