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Newsmax resolves Dominion executive’s defamation lawsuit at election conspiracy theory center և apologizes

Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Rudd attends a dinner with the US President և Business's business leaders in Bedminster, New Jersey on August 7, 2018.

Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Radin attends dinner with Donald Trump and business leaders. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP Getty Images

  • Dominion CEO Eric Kumer has reached an agreement with Newsmax to sue for defamation.

  • Newsmax puts forward false theories Kumer was the “title of the Antifa conference” to rig the election.

  • Kumer is still suing others, his litigation is separate from Dominon’s own lawsuits.

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The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems was transferred to Newsmax on Friday as the defendant in a defamation lawsuit after reaching an agreement with a right-wing news organization.

This is the first such solution by the news organization with a defamation lawsuit, which was submitted in 2020. On election conspiracy theories.

Eric Kumer, head of security for Dominion’s product strategy, has filed lawsuits in several courts over allegations that electoral technology companies like Dominion rigged the election against former President Donald Trump in favor of now-President Biden.

Kumer sued Newsmax in December in a Colorado state court for making false allegations that he participated in the “Antifa Conference Call” to falsify the 2020 presidential election against Donald Trump. In February, he reviewed his lawsuit to strengthen his lawsuits against Newsmax, as reported earlier by Insider.

On Friday, Newsmax denied and apologized on its website, saying it had found “no evidence” that Kummer և և 2020 Earlier allegations about the election were true.

“There are some facts that our viewers should be aware of. “Newsmax found no evidence that Dr. Kumer interfered in the Dominion voting machines or voting software, nor did Dr. Kumer ever claim to have done so.” “Neither Newsmax has found any evidence that Dr. Kumer ever participated in any conversations with Antifa members, nor that he was directly involved with any party political organization.”

The terms of the settlement were not disclosed in the cases reviewed by Insider. A Coomer spokesman declined to comment on the terms of the settlement. A Newsmax representative declined to comment և apologized to Insider.

Kumer went into hiding after receiving death threats due to conspiracies

Kumer first became the subject of conspiracy theories after right-wing politician Oltmann claimed, without evidence, that he was a member of Antifa, a free-wing group of left-wing activists opposed to fascist movements. in the elections. Numerous trials, recounts, and investigations have uncovered widespread evidence of irregularities in the 2020 election.

Altman’s baseless allegations were widely reported in the right-wing media. Եւ Kumer went into hiding after receiving numerous death threats. Kumer has sued more than a dozen right-wing media figures who he claims are responsible for pushing conspiracy theories. He claimed slander, deliberate emotional exhaustion, and a civil conspiracy over the demands.

Director General Hn on Pulos

Tom Bart, Chief Executive Officer of Electoral Systems’s Program, John On Pulos, President of Dominion Voting Systems, and Jul uli Mathis, President and CEO of Hart InterCivic, testify at the Capitol Hill hearing. Alex Wong / Getty Images:

Newsmax asserted that it had done nothing wrong in February when a spokesman told Insider that Kumer’s trial was politically motivated. The news organization is owned and run by Christopher Rudd, a close friend of Trump.

In a statement, Cayman և Skarnulis PLLC, a law firm representing Comer, said he continued to receive death threats.

“Six months after the election, Dr. Kumer continues to face death threats and persecution by those who believe in false conspiracy theories,” the statement said.

Coomer has sued all other organizations, including Altman, Trump’s campaign, Sidney Powell, Rudy, Uliani, One America News Network, and others.

“As for the other defendants, Dr. Kumer is seeking damages to his reputation, his livelihood, and compensation for punitive damages after he has been confirmed by the court,” said a statement from Kumer’s legal office.

Coomer’s lawsuit differs from Dominion’s legal efforts by Clare Locke LLP. Dominion has sued Fox News, Powell, Giuliani and MyPillow tycoon Mike Lindell. Smartmatic, another electoral technology found in election conspiracy theories, has filed its own fraudulent lawsuits against right-wing media figures.

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