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Nicolas Sterjon’s “heavy frontier mania will cost thousands of jobs”

Nicola Sturgeon tries her hand at a younger audience in Perth, Scotland, during a campaign stop at a farmers market

Nicola Sturgeon tries her hand at a younger audience in Perth, Scotland, during a campaign stop at a farmers market

More than 700 jobs would be jeopardized for each new role if England’s “independent Scotland” border crossings were created, the Tories say.

Emma Harper, SNP MSP, said the difficult border between Berwick and Tweed’s Gretna’s would boost jobs south of her Scottish county, where she will be re-elected on Thursday.

However, the lawsuit was widely publicized, with Nicola Sturgeon finding it difficult to explain how the routes to England could be opened if Scotland were to leave the UK to join the EU.

An analysis by the Scottish Conservatives, based on figures from the Border Forces, the Scottish National Records և Fraser լանդlander Institute, suggests that the SNP Border Force in the new Scottish province needs around 740 staff.

However, it is said that in case of creating a border, about 545,000 jobs will be put at risk. The number of jobs supported in Scotland by trade with the rest of the UK.

“In the event of a UK split, the SNP’s lack of any significant information would be ridiculous if it were not so serious,” said Oliver Mundel, Tory MSP.

“The biggest unanswered questions are about the border between Scotland and England.

“This senior SNP politician insists that the border will create jobs when it does just the opposite – on a monumental scale.”

He added. “For every job created by Nicola Sturgeon Border Patrol, hundreds of people will be at risk of trade uncertainty,” he said. This is the horrible reality of the SNP’s destructive mania. “

Ms. Sturgeon hopes to run in the Holyrood election for a new mandate in the independence referendum, and hopes to hold a new vote by 2023.

He wants Scotland to leave the UK to join the EU as an independent state, arguing that the EU single market is much larger than the UK.

However, official figures show that Scottish businesses trade more than three times as much with the rest of the UK as with the mainland.

The SNP spokesman said. “As Tories returns to play Project Fear, Nicola Sturgeon և SNP outlines recovery plans նելու Scotland’s through the epidemic.

“We are not going to learn from the Thories who are pushing the Irish seabed between Scotland and the ‘European single market’. A move that has cost thousands of people is already hitting people’s jobs.

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