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No election evidence was found in the Marikopa district

Claim The Arizona recount found 250,000 fake votes

An election audit began on April 23 in Maricopa, Arizona. With President Biden winning by nearly 10,500 votes in Arizona, Maricopa by more than 45,100 votes, six months later, auditors set to count 2.1 million ballots.

This audit is unprecedented; it is strongly contested by Democrats, some Republicans, and election officials. Senate Democrats say the audit will increase baseless allegations of voter fraud and undermine public confidence in Arizona’s electoral system. The Democratic Party of the State’s county party claims that recount procedures violate state elections and pose a security threat.

Despite numerous county audits confirming preliminary election results, including several fruitless lawsuits by former President Donald Trump’s campaign and his allies, the Republican Senate has said it will conduct an audit to ensure the integrity of Arizona’s electoral system.

The Senate has announced that the results of the audit will not be used in 2020. To overturn the election results.

The Arizona Senate և Cyber ​​Ninjas, a privately held audit firm, has kept proceedings and results confidential. Members of the press are not allowed to enter the veterans’ memorial, where the recount will take place until May 14.

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The involvement of the Cyber ​​Ninjas in the recount is controversial, as its founder, Doug Logan, has made baseless allegations of electoral fraud on social media and supported efforts to overturn the election results in Michigan.

Neither the Senate nor the Cyber ​​Ninja have reported any widespread electoral fraud, but that has not stopped social media users from making online allegations.

“A quarter of a million illegal votes found in an Arizona audit … so far.” claims one post on April 27.

The United States today asked for comment from several accounts that posted the widely circulated claim.

The Arizona Senate confirms that it has not announced that conclusion

Ken Bennett, Arizona Senate liaison նախկին Former Arizona Secretary of State, told USA TODAY that the audit found that 250,000 falsified votes were “absolutely not true.”

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (left) maintains ballot box before auditing 2.1 million ballots at the Phoenix Veterans Memorial on April 22, 2021.

Former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett (left) maintains ballot box before auditing 2.1 million ballots at the Phoenix Veterans Memorial on April 22, 2021., the official website of Election Audit, does not contain any such announcement.

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The United States has today denied false allegations of electoral fraud in the Marikopa district. False claims claim that there are problems both locally and nationally. None of the fact-finding checks found any evidence of widespread fraud.

Our rating is fake

The claim that the election audit in the Marikopa district found 250,000 fake ballots is considered FALSE because it is not supported by our research. The Arizona Senate Audit Officer confirmed to the US TODAY that no such statement was made. Numerous previous inspections and trials in the administrative district have confirmed the 2020 Preliminary election results.

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This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY. Fact check. Arizona Audit Finds Evidence of Election Fraud

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