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Deep down. The success of Andy Street shows how quickly the change in British policy took place

Four years ago, Andy Street was elected mayor of the West Midlands with a majority of just a few thousand out of more than half a million voters. Theresa May was the Prime Minister at the time, she was high-ranking in the elections, the Brexit negotiations had not started yet, the name Covid-19 did not exist. It would be insignificant to describe the political background of his municipality as stormy. If the next election on Thursday were to be held at the lowest point of the Brexit negotiations or the epidemic response, the street would have been ousted at the national level because of dissatisfaction with the Tories’ work in government. But now opinion polls put him ahead of the Labor nominee, and his’s Street’s campaign team thinks everyone should play. Thor strategists say that the result can reach only hundreds or thousands of votes. “In the end, it has to be decided who can cast their vote,” said one senior official. However, the campaign builds calm confidence. “There are days to pass,” says Street. “I’m still smiling.” In this age of political polarization, Street is an unusual candidate, almost a step back in time. Former CEO of Lew von Lewis, he is proud of his status as a businessman in politics. “In particular, municipalities are really giving themselves business people who can bring leadership to their local communities,” he said. And the voice of the street, as the apolitical candidate is able to rise above party identity, the technocrat who ignores cultural wars and simply wants to get things done is credible because it reflects who he is. The focus of the local street campaign is very personal. His leaflets barely mention his conservative affiliation, they are green instead of Tory blue. In his manifesto ին on the threshold he does not waste time on national political issues, focusing exclusively on local challenges such as jobs, transport infrastructure և housing. But while he was ready to criticize the Tories in the national government, to publicly disagree with the Prime Minister, the street does not fight against his party, nor does he decide to talk about his differences with other Tories. His pre-election messages, always very local, constructive and programmatic, reveal an amazing elegance. The street knows that Boris John Onson’s post-election Brexit political strategy has won over former Labor conservatives such as Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. He wants to secure that support by using his personal reputation for apolitical practice to turn to traditional tormentors, the freer voters in the prosperous neighborhood of Solihull and Sutton Coldfield. If this’s the case with Boris John Onson’s approach to cake / eating, even if it’s Brommi’s, it’s really what it’s. As mayor of London, John Onson was forced to form a supportive coalition that extended beyond the Conservatives’ main vote to run for two terms. In the West Midlands, the traditional Labor Center – Street – should do the same. And if the second choice of voters counts the rules of the additional voting system, addressing the liberal-democratic, even green, voters can be decisive. “One can remember that the default result in the West Midlands is Labor victory,” said Andrew Mitchell, Conservative Grant, Sutton Coldfield MP, a strong street supporter. “We are insurgents, that’s why Andy is such a good candidate. He is Tory plus plus plus. Our ordinary voters love and trust him, but he appeals to many others. But even with Andy, it’s going to be close, we may not cross the border. ” Equalizer champion West Midlands was a hive of activity and progress in the City Hall. Since his inauguration, transport investments have increased sevenfold, with new train lines, stations, bus routes, and tram services. The house building has grown rapidly: in size. Nearly 100,000 new jobs were created before the epidemic, mainly due to a sharp increase in private investment in the private sector. “Andy has given real importance to the leveling agenda in the West Midlands,” said Eddie Hughes, a former Labor and Walsol North MP. “People can see that we are partly buying a new train station, a new A&E department.” This year, Coventry has been selected as the country’s cultural city, next year Birmingham will host the Commonwealth Games, High Higher High Speed ​​2 will connect the West Midlands to London ներով With a sharply reduced travel time to the northern cities. The Department of Housing’s Department of Local Government is setting up its second headquarters in Wolverhampton, and the ministers have chosen the West Midlands to be the country’s first 5G test bed. Of course, the sense of progress was disrupted by the epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced in the communities, and many businesses, especially the retail and hospitality industries, have closed. Most will back down, but economists agree that the blockade hastened the changes that were already on the way. High streets are under pressure, retail is being reorganized, and the economy of downtown economies will change dramatically as home jobs grow. “He knows what business he needs.” There is little evidence on the doorstep that the street will be punished for this bad news or the government’s wrongdoing during the epidemic. Canvassers reports that “vaccines bounce” for thoriums, և praise government schemes to keep businesses afloat, և employees paid for their forced inaction. Target voters, many of whom did not even know about the mayor for the last time, spontaneously tell activists that they want the street to continue working. The interior of the Prime Minister’s Downing Street apartment does not appear at all. Small business owners know that a commercial street is the best way to rebuild a region. “He knows what business needs,” said Adrian Harvey, who owns hotels and bars across Birmingham. “He has already done a lot to connect the region through better transport links. We need him in his place to help us get out of last year. Carl Richardson, whose family business has started a 100 100 million business in the region, says: “There is no doubt that the epidemic has stopped the economic renaissance in the West Midlands [but] That momentum has been built on solid foundations … the best times are yet to come. ” The street plan envisages more, which succeeded in its first term: more transport investment, more business investment, more government operations that moved from London to the region. He promises an electric battery plant in Coventry, creating 4,000 new jobs and making West Midlands “the national leader in construction, engineering, biology, technology, 5G and other growing industries.” On the street, they hope that the second term can be seen. The mayor assumes responsibility for energy infrastructure, skills, training, law and order. The Tories believe they have an external chance to snatch the election of the West Midlands Police Commissioner for Crime from the Labor Party, and if they do, the task of combining the two roles with the Deputy Mayor, as police do in London, will be harder to resist. During that time, Street wanted the mayor to take responsibility for a comprehensive budget. ch would allow him to raise funds as he saw fit, rather than always taking his begging cup to Whitehall. Labor candidate under the label Labor But first he has an election to win. His work rival, Liam Byrne, has been on several “journeys” during his career. A former Blair minister, he had a close relationship with John von McDonnell during the reign of John Corbyn and now supports Kir Starmer. Byur really enjoys the recognition of the name on the threshold, but, unfortunately, he is remembered as “the man who left the post.” As Gordon Brown’s retired secretary general of the Treasury, passing the debt crisis on to coalition ministers, he left a notorious letter joking. “I’m afraid there is no money.” Worse are the positions taken by Byrne in his attempt to use the cultural war to his advantage. Local teachers say he was “looking the other way” when extremists claimed the infamous Trojan horse plot, in which Islamist hardliners were trying to seize several schools in Birmingham, was itself a government plot to attack Muslims. Others say Byrne “disappeared” when Muslim parents complained outside of school after they taught students about homosexuality and tried to challenge homophobia. And although it was the immigration minister who passed a law requiring ministers to deport serious foreign criminals, he launched a campaign earlier this year to block such deportations. Proponents of Tory like to say that Byrne is “just another career politician” who has little idea of ​​how to improve the region; But the whole street has resisted the temptation to drop the trunk, և his campaign remains positive, delivering thousands of leaflets, communicating through supporters on social media pages, knocking on doors. One of the local workers says. “It will be too narrow. We are less confident than we were, but we will do much better to get the vote out that day. We can still win it. ” While Byrne is focused on getting the main Labor vote in Birmingham, a task that has been hampered by the lack of local council elections on the same day, the Tories are also concentrating on their strongholds of Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and more. places all over the Earth և around it. “The election will be won or lost in Sutton, Solihull, these new places,” said Alex Yip, a Tory adviser and street preacher. Whatever the outcome, experts, commentators and strategists will rush to say “what does that mean” for Labor’s Torres, for Kirstarmer և Boris John Onson, for the outcome of the post-Brexit Coalition Conservative Voters’ Result:. next elections. And the West Midlands mayoral election will really tell us something about each of these things. But the fact that the Tories have a chance to win even a second consecutive term shows how quickly a major realignment in British politics has taken place. And it shows that even in this age of political polarization, there is still room for practical, apolitical local leaders like the one from John von Lewis.

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