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Officer Jacob Blake’s Uncle Arrested in Protest of Police Officer’s Return to Work

Daily Beast:

“The knife is fighting in the phone booth.” The census will turn the perpetrators against each other

Alex Alex Moon was ready when the Census Bureau announced on Monday that West Virginia would lose one of its three seats in the US House of Representatives. The Republican legislature, which has represented Central West Virginia for six years, has quietly campaigned. cash, while easily sending it to Democratic rivals in this deep red circle. He has poured more than $ 2.7 million into the bank for his election campaign in 2021, which is a large sum for a low-level lawmaker in a safe haven. all for one of the most horrible political fortunes for a rainy day fund that can fall on a member. Congress: Every 10 years, when the assembly lines are revised based on the latest census data, the legislature inevitably fits in with the partner. These situations can lead to the most brutal type of election competition, acting against acting. Even the prospect of such a struggle has prompted many members to retire early, finding themselves losing the game of political seats. Come on, January 2023, Mooney apparently does not want to be a member of the West Virginia Congress. work: His Republican delegations, potential rivals in the not-too-distant future, are a fraction of the size of a pre-election war. Carol Miller, who represents the south of the state, has only $ 66,000. Ahead of the Census Bureau’s announcement, Mooney and Miller and David McKinley signed a joint statement saying “at this time we are all planning an election in Congress” that they would reconsider when the state legislature draws a map in the fall. But the general rule of thumb for this cage, according to operatives, is that those who start to lag behind will fall behind. He worked in the pre-election headquarters of the party’s House of Representatives. “You have to move fast and relentlessly.” West Virginia is unlikely to be the only stage for such maneuvering. Six other states will lose their seats in Congress, if the past is a guide, even those representing states that have not lost their seats are far from safe. These contests inspire high drama հաճախ, often a unique shocking factor. Democrats are still talking about Brad Sherman և Howard Berman, two ideologically similar Los Angeles Democrats in 2012. At the end of the campaign, it even became physical after Sherman, then 58, tried to ban 71-year-old Berman during an argument. Sherman won և continues to hold office. In 2022, the stakes for such brutal partisan civil wars are even higher, as control of the House remains on the razor’s edge. In the last stage of redistribution, the GOP had a 50-seat majority. Democrats now have a six-seat majority. Every seat, like every dollar, will be worth it, so the leaders of both parties are likely to want to stop any potential waste elections that do not affect the majority path. The director of the Census Bureau resigns, an effective inauguration day. “It’s not like someone is in danger of losing a seat due to a major member election,” said Essie Ferguson, a Democrat strategist who served in the party’s House of Representatives during the 2012 reshuffle. “But the initial election of each of the members will take the eyeballs, divert the interest of the oxygen donors from the competition in the fall, where it is absolutely necessary.” At this stage, the Census Bureau has released only the upper class population. numbers, so it is difficult to pinpoint which exact districts may be at the intersection of the other six states, which will lose their place beyond the borders of West Virginia, the small size of which creates a more zero situation. In 2012, after the last phase of the redistribution, there were 10 active battles. In Illinois, for example, there are speculations among party operatives that the GOP-occupied seat in the more rural south of the state will be cut off or that it is a potential Democratic seat in a Chicago suburb. In New York, the focus is on the red-purple highlands, where the population is declining, և The noise of the loss in the district of Ohio is concentrated in the old industrial heart of the northeastern part of the state. Democrat Tim Ryan, the current representative of the region, started the application of the US Senate on Monday. There are states where the ruling party of the government will probably put together two members of the opposite party to gain an advantage. Georgia is not losing ground, but observers say Republicans could oust two Democrats, Vice President Lucy MacBath and Caroline Bourdain, in a suburb of North Atlanta. In the first three months of the year, both raised more than $ 600,000. Tripi, a longtime Democratic strategist who has worked on redistributive tribes, said many lawmakers are silently preparing for those opportunities, knowing that in safe places their dilemmas have landed on the radars of party committees that focus solely on the majority. “That’s why they have to raise money now, prepare for the worst,” said Tripin. Party leaders are usually neutral in such a race, at least in public, although there are exceptions. In 2012, Eric Cantor, then the second-ranked leader of the GOP House, cut a $ 25,000 check in support of Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who went on to defeat another GOP incumbent. Individuals say that on the Democratic side, leaders such as President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi can work calmly to prevent bruising. “The president could have played a useful role in avoiding such primary battles,” said the former lawmaker, who lost his seat in the last round of redistribution, speaking anonymously to openly discuss the dynamics. “Maybe it’s Biden who says we can avoid a $ 10 million primary for a seat that would be democratic.” Twitter is going crazy for Roll-Call Calamari in Rhode Island. It is possible that the GOP side is less delicate. Former President Donald Trump continues to be the de facto leader of the party – its most coveted endorsement – he can hardly avoid blowing up party politics, especially since he is waging war against Republicans he considers insufficiently loyal. But those races have always been unpleasant, regardless of the party-political atmosphere. In 2012, two Arizona Republicans, Rep. David Schweikert Rep At the time, Rep-Ben Ben Quayle, the son of a former vice president, was competing in a race that included allegations that Schweikert was selling Schweikert. “These primaries from both sides are taking a long time, animus, because they think they are running for office,” Ferguson said. “And they run against someone they want. Uht was their friend. So, it gives a personal breath to the competition. ” The announcement of Monday’s 2020 census knocked out some potentially tough primaries. Rhode Island took its two seats in the House of Representatives, saving the possible head of the Democrats, David Cecil և Jim im Lang’s. In mid-April, Sicily paid more than $ 1.1 million for its election campaign. And Minnesota will not see a scuffle between any of the four Republicans representing the constituencies outside Gemini, a possibility that was growing before the Census Bureau announced that the state would retain all eight of its seats in the House. Now the three West Virginia GOP representatives can start planning for possible primaries. But dozens of members elsewhere are stuck in a waiting game as their state governments begin the process of redistribution. Freshman Republican Peter Major has more than $ 500,000 in cash to run for re-election in his right-wing western Michigan district. The non-partisan Lansing Commission will decide what that district will look like, or does it exist at all, after dropping 13 of Michigan’s 14 counties. “I am optimistic,” said Major, “that they will ensure that we have maps that reflect the communities we are interested in.” – Report by Matt Fuller Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our best stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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