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Our editorial board recalls the mayor of Arlington’s board recommendations. Here’s why

The Star-Telegram Voters’ Guide is intended for readers to read directly from candidates about their qualifications and positions. We do not make many demands or restrictions on answers other than the obvious. Tell the truth.

Arlington Mayoral Candidate Jim My Ross ով In the hopes of the 3rd District Council, Nicky Hunter gave in to this simple instruction, writing that they had never been involved in bankruptcy cases, as they actually were. As a result, we can no longer recommend Rossi և Hunter to Arlington voters.

Bankruptcy alone does not necessarily disqualify public office. Ross told Star-Telegram that in 1999, when he asked for help, he and his then-wife were struggling financially while he was in law school. Hunter explained that he lost his job, he was taking care of his dying grandmother when he died in 2017.

Millions of people have found themselves in such circumstances, and bankruptcy was their only way out.

But the question in the guide of our voters is unequivocal. “Are you involved in civil litigation or bankruptcy?” If so, please explain. ” Ross said he thinks this only applies to the last decade. Hunter said that he assumes that the issue concerns only the current cases.

There is no way to read or guess the question.

If Ross and Hunter lied or misread a simple question or raised a question about their tenure. We do not ask the question as “gothic”. Civil cases can reveal dubious business practices that shed light on a candidate’s judgment; և some voters may want to be a factor in personal financial management when assessing candidates’ ability to control state budgets;

With little time left before Saturday’s election, we refuse to nominate other candidates. Both races can advance to the second round, and then we will renew our leadership. But for now, we have to take back our suggestions that Arlington voters choose Ross or Hunter.

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