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Point Blank throws hat in ring to design US Army replacement for Bradley

WASHINGTON. – Point Blank Enterprises is the latest non-traditional business to move out of timber as a competitor to the US Army Concept Machine design phase to replace the Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle.

The company announced on its website on April 26 that it had submitted an application almost two weeks after the deadline for military mediation.

Although other small businesses բիզնես non-traditional companies are expected to apply for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle or OMFV program, the only other bidder is Mettle Ops in Michigan. Defense News first announced its participation.

Companies like Mettle Ops և Point Blank are not enough, but there is room for them to play as the service plans to select up to five teams to produce prototypes.

The major defense contractors competing to design the platform are General Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems, a team led by Rayheon Technologies, Textron, and L3Harris North America’s Rheinmetall. Defense News first reported that Oshkosh Defense had applied to cooperate with South Korea’s leading defense company Hanwha.

Mark Edwards, executive vice president of Florida-based Point Blank, said the company saw the Army’s “non-traditional OMFV” program approach as a perfect opportunity to continue diversifying. [Point Blank Enterprises] using our core competencies in digital management design joint management, survival systems engineering, and team-building of some of the best defense teams in the industry, large and small. ”

The Army completely reconsidered its approach after its first attempt to hold an OMFV competition ended in October 2019 with only one GDLS application sample. The only other entry, Lynx 41 from Rheinmetall և Raytheon’s team, was disqualified because it was not granted. in time to Aberdeen Providing Gound, Maryland.

The current BAE Systems ended months ahead of schedule due to concerns about an ambitious army schedule.

Instead of moving forward with just one option, the military canceled its OMFV competition քայլ stepped back to develop a plan that would better promote strong competition over a more reasonable schedule.

The military not only abandoned the plan to request a physical application sample as it was being reloaded. Instead, it mapped out five phases of efforts, starting with the initial design phase and then moving on to the detailed design phase, followed by prototyping, testing, and production.

These samples will inform the short idea development document, which is planned to be published in the first quarter of fiscal year 2022.

According to Edwards, Point Blank is working directly with Keshik Mobile Power Systems to build an engineering-production design team that includes other “large, experienced defense companies” and a large group of innovative small businesses with advanced technologies that may They would not have participated if it were not for this unique program of the army. “

According to its website, Point Blank has nearly 48 years of experience in developing armor, but it also talks about survival solutions such as advanced light armor from ships to helicopters to cars.

“Forming the team concept will help to fully inform the US military about what is possible today for the next generation combat vehicle with truly modular open technology-agnostic systems for energy, information and physical architecture,” said Keshik Chief Technologist Frank Ons : officer, the statement said.

“OMFV design concept [Point Blank Enterprises] “The proposal will fully enable the Army to quickly adapt, pave the way for evolving threats, change missions, and integrate the endless development of new defense technologies as soon as they are introduced,” he added.

Keshik plans to “expand the capabilities of future fighters through a transformational combat vehicle platform that delivers strong mobility, agility with distributed hybrid electric motors, best-in-class survival, and flexibility to deliver unprecedented export power and large-scale performance.” in real time, “said James Ames Blackburn, CEO of the company.

Key Blank brands include Point Blank Body Armor, American Protective Clothing Corporation, Protective Products, PARACLETE, The Protective Group, Advanced Technology Group, First Tactical և Gould & Goodrich : According to the company, it is “the largest global supplier of ballistic armor և systems integrators.”

Service’s plan is to spend $ 4.6 billion on FY22 to FY26 on OMFV, so it’s more’s more than ever in the industry.

After the concept design phase, the Army will move on to the detailed design phase, which will take place during FY23 և FY24. The prototyping phase will start at FY25. Vehicle testing will begin at FY26 և and end next year with a production decision for the fourth quarter of FY27. Full-time production is expected to begin in the second quarter of the end of the 30th year.

In June, the army plans to select five teams to participate in the competition.

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