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Police say Hicker dies after falling head over heels near Zion National Park

Daily Beast:

CNN’s Rick Santorum rejects Native American culture. Before the US “there was nothing here”

YouTubeCNN senior political commentator Rick Santorum claims that Christian immigrants from Europe were forced to build America from “nothing”, adding that “there was nothing here” և “Native American culture is not so much in American culture.” Last week, Santorum, a former Pennsylvania state senator and presidential candidate at the Young America’s Foundation for Freedom and Faith, claimed that America was built on the continent of an empty newspaper. In doing so, he focused exclusively on white Europeans. Christians who settled in the “New World” in the 17th century, ignoring the fact that there was an indigenous population that existed in America centuries ago. CNN did not respond to a request for comment. However, the foreign spokesman of Santorum published the following statement with the former senator. “I did not intend to minimize or in any way devalue Native American culture.” In CNN’s Rick Santor. “We did not give birth to a nation out of nothing. I mean, yes, we have Native Americans, but frankly there is not much Native American culture in American culture. “— ason Eason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) April 26, 2021” And so they came here , mainly from Europe և they created a country based on Judeo-Christian principles. “When I say Judeo-Christian, Mosaic Laws, the 10 Commandments, the teachings of Jesus Christ, the morals of Jesus Christ,” Santorum said. “That is what our founding documents are based on. It’s in our DNA. ” The cultures of other countries claim that “they have changed over time” և “evolved” but “not us”, the former senator claims that “we came here and created a blank sheet”. “We gave birth to a nation out of nothing I mean “There was nothing here,” Santorum added, before finally acknowledging the existence of Native American civilization. “It was born from the people who came here, pursuing religious freedom, to exercise their faith, to live as they should, to have the freedom to do so.” Santorum’s words were echoed and condemned online after the video was released on Monday. Social media, critics mainly blow up the conservative to whitewash the Native American genocide, to undo their influence on American culture. “Nick Santorum is directing the genocide of the Indigenous people,” Philip Lewis, editor-in-chief of the HuffPost front page, wrote on Twitter on Monday. “As a result of the genocide, that ignorant white is predominant,” Mark Pokan (D-WI) wrote, blasting the former lawmaker on Twitter. Other critics point out that Native Americans are largely responsible for many of the staple foods, especially corn, that American agribusinesses now rely on. Others have noted how scholars have previously noted how Adolf Hitler was inspired by this very “untouched desert” myth. In a statement to HuffPost for the first time, Fon Sharp, President of the National Congress of American Indians, called on CNN to fire Santorum, a “disgraceful, disgraceful racist who disgraces the network.” Crystal Echo Hawk, chief executive of the IllumiNative Individual Awareness Group, says the network should be able to do more for the former senator to include “native, diverse voices” in its programming. At the same time, the Council on American-Islamic Relations also issued a statement calling on CNN to get rid of Santorum, claiming that the conservative commentator “attempted to whitewash the European genocide of the continent’s indigenous people.” Read more at The Daily Beast. every day your best stories in your inbox. Register now! Daily beast membership. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more.

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