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Prince Andrew starts business with banker accused of sexual harassment

Duke & # 39; s & # 39; The new company does not have to submit accounts - GETTY IMAGES

Duke’s new company does not have to submit GETTY IMAGES invoices

The Duke of York has entered into a business with a former private banker who was once at the center of sexual harassment allegations. It appeared on Monday night.

According to Duke House, Duke co-founded Lincoln with Harry Keogh last year. Mr Keogh resigned from the Coutts in March 2018 following allegations by female colleagues that he had made unwanted physical contact and obscene comments.

It is understood that the new company is a means of investment for the Duke family, Times: reports.

Although the company is listed as registered in 2020. On June 26, it was built as an unlimited company, which means that it is not required to submit accounts, can avoid disclosing profits or income.

Duke controls 75 percent of the business through the Urramoor Trust;

Harry Keogh - Twitter:

Harry Keogh – Twitter:

The Wall Street Journal reported in 2018 that Mr. Keogh was the subject of an internal investigation in 2015 for misconduct.

This was reported by a source close to Prince Andrew Times: Monday night that Mr. Keogh was “the Duke’s friend and adviser” և his “private banker for about 20 years”.

Earlier, it was reported that Mr. Keogh had sued Coot for unfair dismissal.

The former banker claimed that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the bank, which meant that he was unable to comment on the allegations. Times: he said.

There is no suggestion that these companies were illegal in any way. They approached Lincoln’s supervisors Times: for comment.

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