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Prince Charles Charity Joins UK Aid to India

LONDON (AP) – Prince Charles said on Wednesday he was “deeply saddened” by a wave of coronavirus deaths in India.

He urged the public to withdraw its call for the purchase of oxygen equipment for the affected nation.

In his message to the people of India, the heir to the throne says: “Indian aid and ingenuity helped other countries in this extremely difficult time. “Just as India has helped others, so now we must help India.”

He added that he “has a great love for India”, that he wants “those who suffer from this epidemic in India to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Founded in 2007, the British Asian Trust has launched an emergency call for Oxygen for India to purchase oxygen concentrates that can release oxygen from the air when hospital infrastructure resists. As of Wednesday, the charity had raised more than ,000 140,000 from its ,000 200,000.

Britain has a huge Indian Diaspora community of around 1.4 million people, many of whom are looking for ways to support their homeland during this crisis. A separate online fundraiser on GoFundMe raised more than 80 380,000 a day, with organizers saying the funds allowed them to order hundreds of oxygen concentrates and ship them to India before the weekend.

The first shipment of the British government arrived in Delhi on Tuesday – 200 pieces of medical equipment, including air conditioners, oxygen concentrates, further deliveries will take place by the end of the week.

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