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Rep. Lauren Boebert made a space blanket to cover her knees during Biden’s speech to Congress

Daily Beast:

Jimmy Kimmel’s Train-wreck interview with MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell

ABCWell, it really happened. The day America eagerly awaited the day Mike Lindell accepted my’s Kimmel invitation during his bizarre event, when he finally arrived on Wednesday, և there was MyPillow CEO sitting in front of her supposedly late-night nemesis. “Somehow the Minnesota pillow seller reached the bottom of the deepest conspiracy in American politics,” Kimmel said in a monologue. “It’s so crazy, it’s almost hard to believe.” Presumably watching the real Lindell behind the scenes, the host was visited by his personal MyPillow son, comedian James Ames Adomyan, who was limping on stage wearing “Who’s Gloomy?” At the top of the tank, he panicked when he saw Guillermo sitting outside the stage. The actual interview, which was preceded by a real MyPillow ad on New York City, began with a montage of Lindel’s most outrageous slanders about what he thought was a stolen presidential election. When Kimmel asked her guest if she had been vaccinated, Lindell said no, which helps explain why they were not in bed together, as promised. “I meant for rage,” Kimmel joked. Kimmel said Lindell had a lot in common with Hunter Biden, given their common history of cocaine addiction, and asked him directly about his “paranoia” source, the fact that he had apparently been “hiding” for several months. From Mike Lindell to Elon Musk, Who Deserves a Late Night TV Platform? “That’s right, I worked hard on this election և cars,” Lindell said vaguely. After being deprived of some of their biographies, Lindell confessed that he knew nothing about politics until he met in 2016. To Donald Trump. “Some would say you don’t know yet, Mike, to be honest,” Kimmel said. Later he said to Lindell: “Many did not want you to present. Liberals and conservatives, they all said, they told me you have no show, they told you not to go to the show. “But I think we can talk to each other.” Kimmel added: “I do not think there is any validity of this or that material you said. And I studied you, I really have. ” And while he considered it very funny, the host said. “Many of these ideas that you accept, I think, can be traced back to the riots at the Capitol, where people were killed. Badly, Lindell left the riot. He continued to protest against the ‘machines’ Dominion Voting Systems, which He is currently being sued for more than $ 1 billion in damages for his unfounded campaign. Then the two men began to get depressed with the accusations, before Kimmel took a step back. “When do you think it is strange to look at yourself objectively, to go, why is the only person in the country who has this proof is a boy who sells pillows on cable?” Kimmel asked. Im’s Kimmel in Tucker Carlson’s Mask Against Child Abuse RindLindell could not fully answer the question, showing no signs of self-awareness, forcing Kimmel to express what seemed like a real concern. “I’m worried about you,” he said. “I feel like you may be self-destructive, that you have lost everything many times in your life.” At the end of the interview, Lindell denied after urging Trump to “impose martial law if necessary”, insisting that he never meant it. To donate $ 50,000 to Lynn Wood’s legal fund to help save Kenosha shooter Kyle Ritenhaus, Adomyan returned to the Minnesota State Fair to challenge his doppelganger at a pillow fight. Eventually, as might be expected, Lindell came out relatively harmless, joking and laughing with the two comedians as Kimmel cut the commercials. For more, listen և subscribe to the “Last Smile” podcast. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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