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Republicans are expected to get seats on the revised maps of the 2022 Congress, but Democrats may be worse off.

The U.S. census, released Monday, will shift political power in Congress, redistributing Texas to two seats in the House – Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Montana, and California (for the first time) to oust New York. (hardly!), Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan և West Virginia. Florida, Texas և Arizona, each controlled entirely by Republicans, expected additional seats.

“By balance, I think this reshuffle offers a small boost for Republicans, but a bigger boost probably comes from how Republicans get those seats in Florida, Texas, North Carolina և Georgia orgia.” Cook’s political reporttells Dave Wasserman Akios“The realignment itself means little compared to the upcoming redistributive battles.” It will not be an equal field.

“Republicans control the redistribution process in far more states than Democrats because of the GOP dominance in low-key elections.” New York Times: reports. “At the same time, Democrats have shifted redistribution decisions to states where they control the government, such as California, Colorado and Virginia, with independent commissions that aim to create fair maps.”

“Good news for the Democrats. “They have more control over the process than they did in 2010, the last time the lines were drawn,” said Wasserman’s partner Amy Walters. PBS NewsHour:“The bad news for Democrats, the good news for Republicans, is that Republicans still control more than twice as many congressional constituencies.” And Democrat-controlled Oregon is likely to add a GOP seat to a power-sharing deal with the Republican minority.

In Texas, where the increase in population came from Hispanics, Spanish-speaking immigrants such as Houston, Austin, Dallas and other Democrats, the legislature will make the two new congressional districts Republican. In fact, Republicans “can perceptibly take the five seats they need” to take control of the house by drawing up neighborhoods in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, he added. Ratings will change, “but right now, Republicans can expect to get eight seats from zero through changes to the Map.”

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