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Republicans are struggling to find an offensive line left to Biden

Republican lawmakers are struggling to define him. The conservative base is more concerned with the “culture of annulment.” And even former President Donald Trump is turning his attention elsewhere.

At the moment, no one inside the GOP knows what to do with President Biden.

In the nearly 100 days since Biden took office, Republicans have not shown a steady, fierce opposition to the new White House, which is slowing down a president who avoided atrocities, at least in part, in a low-key way that stands in stark contrast to his immediate predecessor.

It was a problem that the GOP had to deal with during the last presidential election, and party leaders say they are still struggling with it as Biden moves forward with an aggressive agenda in the coming months.

“It’s very difficult for him to find out anything negative about him,” said Robert Blizzard, a Republican researcher. “It’s an ongoing challenge for Republicans.”

The struggle has many operatives in the House of Commons who are already predicting that the party will start shifting its line of attack to other prominent Democrats, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. remain confident that Biden’s approval will eventually be eroded as his presidency wears off.

As they struggled to consistently label Biden, influential Republicans often turned their attention to other issues.

During the presidential campaign, Trump tried to use derogatory nicknames on some of his opponents, but after leaving office, he avoided most of his anger only against Biden.

For example, Trump referred to Biden as less than 20 percent of his written statements since his inauguration, according to an e-mail from his Political Action Committee գործող personal office. As of Friday, Trump had issued six statements on the GOP-led recount in Arizona, with the Biden administration citing only one statement.

When the Republicans focused on Biden, the attempts failed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz tried to attach The president’s “boring but radical” mania last month, a tacit acknowledgment that Biden’s style spares little for the conservative base.

Cruz’s partner, Texas Republican Sen. John on Corney, went one step further with an article describing Biden’s relatively low approach to communicating with the public. և using it to question did the president even run his own administration?

Biden’s insecure public presence and open-mindedness pose a challenge to Republicans, senior party operators have acknowledged in a political system that has recently focused on bombing figures.

“He’s gentle,” said Stephen Lowe, executive director of the Senate Leadership Fund, a supercomputer with PAC, which has close ties to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. “Maybe he is strategically narrow, or just. Not much is being done about him. ”


Biden promised to have less titles in the White House during last year’s campaign than Trump did.

This is the approach that has worked so far in the first days of his presidency. Sarah Longwell, founder of the GOP’s former anti-Trump Republican Accountability Program, says her polls of Trump-backed voters in 2016 and Biden in 2020 show that they are “in the focus group history.” are the most optimistic group in Armenia “

He said this was due to the end of the perceived chaos of the Trump administration and the feeling that the coronavirus epidemic situation was finally improving.

“There is a feeling of relaxation now,” Longwell said. “Imagine that there is a car alarm, which has been off for a long time, it is suddenly silent.”

Even the conservative base, which was loyal to Biden for not liking him, did not organize him against him, as the so-called “Tea Party” did at the beginning of the administration of former President Barack Obama in 2009. after the Liberals took office, known as the “Resistance”, which greatly contradicted its legislative agenda – the Republican candidates.

No such move has yet been made against Biden.

One of the Republicans, who refused to comment on the post, pointed out the continuous assertions that in 2020 The election was rigged, or the conservative media outlets focused more on the outrage over the removal of several of Dr. Soyes’ books. Most of all, however, the party is more focused on its internal struggles than on creating a united front against the Democrats.

David McIntosh, chairman of the Conservative Club Conservative group, said that while many recent cultural debates that galvanized the Conservatives did not focus directly on Biden, that could change if he continued to pursue progressive policies.

“Whether it will be personal to him, it is more difficult to say,” said Mackintosh. “The element of people’s anger is that Biden chose to support the far left agenda.”


Even if Biden has proven to be an elusive target for the GOP, his approval rating during the first three months of his presidency is still relatively modest by historical standards. FiveThirtyEight’s national average poll shows that 54% of Americans approve of his work, while 41% disagree.

That puts Biden above where Trump was at the time. According to the University of Virginia Center for Policy Analysis, he lags behind any president who started with Harry Truman in terms of pure approval ratings. Still, Republicans admit that gaining the approval of the majority of Americans in a supra-party environment.

GOP operatives are also beginning to question whether they should put Biden at the center of their message to succeed in next year’s midterm elections.

Instead, they can focus on Congressional Democrats, who usually provoke more negative reactions from some moderate voters in the GOP base. In the past, Republicans have often used Democrat leaders such as Schumer, Pelosi, and overtly progressive leaders, such as Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican Alexandria Occasio-Cortes, as disgraceful successes.

But Republicans say the offensive line could be effective if the Democrats are in full control of Washington, D.C. և To win a majority in the PAP և Senate next year, the GOP needs to win just a few seats.

“The better offensive line is that no matter what you think of Biden, the Democratic agenda is set by Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the far left of the Democrats,” Lowe said. “And the worst thing you can say about Biden is that he’s 100 percent involved.”

Lowe also warned his party against criticizing Biden because some Republicans, in a personal sense, say attacks on his mindset risk offending moderate voters who would otherwise be pessimistic about the president.

Some Republicans are also betting that Biden’s popularity will naturally decline over time as he emerges from his honeymoon, with the epidemic fading as a concern. Voters are likely to soon turn their attention to other aspects of Biden’s agenda, such as taxes and immigration, where Republicans are more likely to criticize the president.

“Some may find him somewhat palatable, but at the end of the day I think his policies will define him,” said Tony Fabrizio, who was the lead poll on Trump’s 2020 campaign.

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