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Restaurants and taverns are reopening, but what are the rules?

Reopening of a pub in Scotland - April 26

Reopening of a pub in Scotland – April 26

Northern Ireland is the last part of the UK to ease restrictions on pubs, cafes and restaurants.

But it will be a few weeks before you can drink alcohol anywhere in the UK, anywhere.

What’s going on in Northern Ireland?

Starting April 30, pubs, bars, cafes և restaurants can operate outside.

  • Customers must be seated in each cabin with a maximum of six people from two houses or one room from any room (children under 12 տարեկան years old are not counted)

  • Customers do not need to order a significant meal to have an alcoholic beverage

  • Customers are allowed inside the toilet, pick up or pay for food from the cafeteria, but social distance must be maintained.

  • Places should collect customer data to help find contacts

We hope that closed hosting can resume May 24,

What is happening in Scotland?

Restaurants, bars և cafes can:

  • Serve alcohol outdoors for multi-family groups of up to six. Opening hours are determined by local licensing laws

  • Open indoors until 8pm without alcohol, serving up to six different households

  • Bread can now be stored indoors

Children under the age of 12 do not count the number of people they meet outside, but household numbers are not counted inside.

Physical distance must be maintained, և locations must collect contact information for all customers.

Starting On May 17 – in two level areas. restaurants, bars և cafes should be able to:

  • Stay open until 10 p.m. 30 inside with allowed alcohol. Customers may need to book two-hour slots

  • Allow six out of three households (including all children) to meet at home

  • Let eight adults from eight households meet outside

The hope is that the venues will be open until 23:00 since June 7 – With one level transfer with all areas of Scotland.

And Wales?

Pubs, cafes and restaurants can be opened outside

  • Six out of six people can meet. Children under 11 or working guardians are not counted

  • Licensed areas can only offer table service with physical distance support

  • Customers are encouraged to make a reservation և must provide contact information

We hope the venues will be open inside on Monday On May 17after the decision of May 13.

Young woman in a London pub, June 2020

Young woman in a London pub, June 2020

What are the latest English rules?

Pubs, cafes and restaurants are allowed to reopen outside.

  • Customers should order, eat and drink while they sit at a table in places where they serve alcohol.

  • They must follow the six rules or be in any size group with only two households

  • Every client over the age of 16 must register with the NHS քերով Track կամ or provide contact information

  • When they are not sitting, for example, at a table or going to the bathroom, customers should wear face masks (if they do not get rid of them) և maintain social distance.

We hope that the restrictions will be eased again in mid-May, if the coronavirus targets allow.

  • May 17. Customers can eat and drink indoors, in groups of up to six, or in two households of any size. Outdoor groups should have less than 30 people

  • June 21. All restrictions can be removed

How do places keep people safe?

The government guideline says that taverns, cafes and restaurants are needed.

  • Provide social distance

  • Install plastic screens between tables or recesses

  • Encourage irrelevant payments

  • Provide disposable dressing bags

In places where alcohol is served, payment must be made at the tables.

They can set up outdoor shelters, cottages or markets. They may have a roof, but they must be open on both sides.

Sports taverns can use outdoor screens for games while the drinkers are sitting and the volume is low.

Places should not provide smoking equipment such as bottled pipes.

Why can’t all pubs and restaurants reopen?

Many places do not have any or enough outdoor space to make reopening possible.

The industry report states that only 38% (41,100) of licensed areas are located outside of England, Scotland and Wales.

Few restaurants in England have an outdoor area (12%), while many full-service taverns have (86%).

The Scottish pub closes its doors

The Scottish pub closes its doors

Do I need a vaccine passport to go to the pub?

There is currently no legal requirement for customers to prove their Covid status.

But the government says it would be legal for businesses to require proof of Covid status from customers if they so wish, as long as they do not violate equality laws.

Prime Minister Boris John Onson has previously suggested that tavern attendees ask for a vaccine certificate when all adults offer their first shot.

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