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Rudi ul ullian spreads absurd conspiracy theories about FOI և Bidens’s appearance after FBI raids

Rudy ul Ulian

Rudy Gi Ulyan speaks during a press conference hosted by Donald Trump on September 27, 2020 in the White House briefing room. Osh Oshua Roberts / Getty Images:

  • Rudy Gi Uliani told Tucker Carlson that he could destroy evidence seized by the FBI “years ago.”

  • Ul Uliani argued that the evidence taken was “justifiable” and reinforced the absurd conspiracy theories about Biden’s Ukraine.

  • He continued that the Department of Justice should be investigated without providing credible evidence.

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Former New York Mayor Rudy Gi Ulyan said on Thursday that he could destroy the evidence seized by the FBI this year “years ago.”

In a speech on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Giuliani described the raid on his home, saying: “At about six o’clock in the morning there was a loud explosion, an explosion, a knock on the door.” He added that the agents who carried out the search warrant were professionals, taking seven or eight electronic devices, two of which did not belong to him.

In addition to ul-uliani’s home in Manhattan, caretakers also raided the home of his office և Washington’s lawyer Victoria Tensing. They confiscated the computer belonging to his personal assistant, Joanne Afonte, and also served him with a lawsuit to testify before the grand jury in May.

The raids marked an aggressive new phase in a long-running federal inquiry into whether Ulian violated foreign lobbying laws through deals with Ukraine.

On Thursday, Giuliani told Carlson that when agents raided his property, he pointed to hard disks allegedly filled with documents related to President Biden’s son, Hunter. “Don’t you want these?”

The former mayor issued a statement Wednesday through his lawyer, Robert Costello, claiming he had been targeted for “corrupt dual standards”, saying investigators had “abandoned the only electronic evidence of the crime, the Hunter Biden hard drives” he claimed. that he offered “on several occasions.”

Giuliani repeatedly told Carlson that agents were required to interrogate all electronics, but that they should not take his word for what the hard drives contained.

“These could be Donald Trump hard drives,” he said.

“I could have obtained evidence years ago. “I had two years, I did not destroy it,” he added, “he speculated about the date of the invasion, at the same time initiating a case for his cooperation and innocence.”

Giulian called the search warrant “illegal” without providing any evidence to substantiate the lawsuit, citing allegations that the Biden family had violated the law for 30 years.

Ul Uliani claimed that his dealings with Ukraine were based solely on efforts by the FBI to prove Trump’s innocence in 2016. In connection with the investigation of Russia’s interference in the US elections, in which Trump was not charged with a crime. He also said that his work in Ukraine was connected with his desire to dig dirt on hunter Biden in connection with his work for the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

“They will not explain to me what they have been looking for for two years,” he said. “I have never represented a Ukrainian citizen while I was a member of the US government.”

Carlson claimed at the time that Democrats were “paid to hate Russia” and told Giuliani that the Justice Department should be investigated.

“They broke into my iCloud and took away privileged documents. The Ministry of Justice spied on me. “We might have been in East Berlin while the wall was going up,” he said.

He is now Trump’s second lawyer to have his property confiscated. The FBI in 2018 carried out the search warrants for Trump’s former ombudsman, Michael Cohen, and later Cohen pleaded guilty to a number of crimes, including campaign finance violations, tax evasion, and lying to Congress.

On Thursday, Cohen took pleasure in ul ullian’s legal misfortunes by telling CNN’s Alice Camerota: “My parents always said it was not nice to be upset, but Rudy, I told you so. That’s what I told you. “

Cohen said he told Giuliani: “Donald Trump does not care about anyone or anything,” that ul uliani “will be the next one to be thrown under the bus.”

“And that is exactly what is going to happen,” he told CNN.

“We have no idea how far this investigation will go, because Rudy is an idiot. And that is the problem. Rudy drinks too much, Rudy behaves so erratically that who knows what is in those phones or what is in his computer. «

Camerotta then asked Cohen what he thought Gi Ulyan could do if prosecutors began tightening his screws, ևwill he “loosen it և տեղեկություններ provide information about Trump in exchange for leniency.

Cohen noted that before Trump became president, he and Ul Ulian did not like each other. “So I think Rudd will give up on Donald with a heart attack?” “Absolutely,” he said.

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