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Ryanair said it was compensating passengers for canceling the strike

Ryanair plane on the runway in Greece.

Ryanair plane on the runway in Greece.

Ryanair has been told to compensate customers who lost their flights due to strike cancellations.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the cancellations or delays during the strike by pilots and pilots in 2018 must compensate the thousands of people affected.

Ryanair claimed that “extraordinary circumstances” existed, so there was no need to pay.

But the Civil Aviation Authority took legal action against Ryanair.

It argued that under EU law, travelers were entitled to compensation.

Under CAA, EU law allowed passengers to request flights canceled by EU261 three hours or more late, canceled flights or refused to board.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court agreed with the CAA’s comment.

The industrial action in 2018 was disrupted at European airports, with some customers having to cut short their vacation or pay for alternative flights back home.

Paul Smith, CAA Director, said: “We believed that these flights were in fact protected by law, that Ryanair could not claim that its canceled flights were ‘extraordinary circumstances’. The Supreme Court today passed a law

“We are committed to protecting the rights of air carriers; we are determined to ensure that all airlines comply with their legal obligations.”

However, Ryanair has the right to appeal the decision.

CAA advised that affected customers should wait for additional information before pursuing their requirements.

Ryanair declined to comment.

Ryanair passengers lined up during the strike

Thousands of Ryanair passengers were affected by the strikes in 2018

Ryanair recently warned that it was in the middle of “the most difficult year” in its 35-year history due to travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic.

In February, it announced plans for annual losses of up to 1 billion euros (70 2,070 million) for March 2021, although it expects travel restrictions to be lifted after vaccinating high-risk groups, unleashing “blocked demand”.

A recent survey by a group of consumers. found out that Ryanair և Virgin Atlantic was rated the worst fare return from major UK airlines.

Both airlines were given a customer satisfaction rating of only 13% when respondents were asked to rate their customer service, which they received for compensation from their airline.

One-third of those who canceled the flight, either by Ryanair or Virgin Atlantic, said they had waited more than three months for a refund.

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