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Meet Mackenzie Newcomb, who sells a $ 15,000 New York wedding at TikTok

Photo by Daily Beast / Photos by TikTok After she proposed to Stephanie Davidson’s fiancé last August, she got excited when she started planning her wedding. Until he realized he hated the process, which means, “It’s not as fun as people think,” said Davidson, 27, a nursing student in Queens. “I was saying [my fiancé] Chris. “I would like someone to be able to plan everything for me, make all the decisions. He said. “What are you, Kim Kardashian?” No, but a girl can dream. ” This dream came true in part this week when Davidson watched TikTok, created by 28-year-old Mackenzie Newcomb, who is currently trying to sell his entire planned wedding but has no plans to attend. himself. Pour one for all COVID weddings, which Fortunately, there is no serious drama with the groom (although Newcomb admitted to The Daily Beast: “I think some people hoped for that”). Newcomb, who runs a popular online book club, is happily married to her husband, Ben. After moving from New York last summer, they simply chose not to attend the Brooklyn Trendy Garden Ceremony. Several difficult months, including the deaths of Ben’s father և Newcomb և grandparents, who had long struggled with KOVID, encouraged them to re-evaluate their priorities together. So the couple chose to bond last summer during a backyard ceremony on the south coast of Massachusetts, near where Newcomb grew up. Grace Taylor Photography The bride wore the dress she bought for the occasion, and it was handled by her grandmother, the episcopal minister. The guests dined on lobster sent by the old Newcomb chef. It was perfect. “Since I have already had this luxurious, personal, incredible, aesthetically pleasing wedding, I do not need to do it anymore,” said Newcomb. “It simply came to our notice then. And this second wedding I do not feel anymore! It seems to be different from other times. It would be better to go to someone else. ” But Newcomb is still on that date, on September 18, և about $ 23,000, which he spent on an 80-person ceremony at a modern Italian restaurant called Milk & Roses. (Newcomb says $ 10,000 of that budget is his mother’s gift.) Everything is settled. The bouquets, which, according to Newcomb, have a “secret garden” theme. a photographer who has a portfolio suitable for LGBTQ; DJs, a whole female company that “agreed not to play with any problematic man.” It seems like a night to remember. an evening that Newcomb wants to pass on to another couple. “It scares me to think about it, because I’m already married,” he said. “I prefer to go on a honeymoon or plan a trip to the Philippines.” Newcomb’s father has spent the last few months urging him to sell it on Craigslist. At first he resisted. “I said, ‘Dad, it’s not something people do.’ Then a member of the Newcomb Book Club offered to shoot TikTok. He wanted you to “deliberately feel like a pepper’s cliché” – that’s right. Newcomb has never seen the iconic Grand Prospect Hall ad, where Michael Halkias and his wife, Alice, promised that their Brooklyn location would “make your dreams come true.” But his TikTok has a similar vibe. (Halkais died of COVID last May) The video worked. Halcomb now has about a dozen “serious offers” from couples around the city. Newcomb is ready to sell his wedding at a loss – he only asks for $ 15,000 – as long as it goes to a New York couple who might not otherwise afford it. (On average, Brooklyn brides will pay back $ 46,000, so $ 15,000 is theft). There are some basic rules. Although Newcomb planned to advertise the wedding for 80 people, the couple needs to understand that the rules of COVID capacity may still be there. practically until September, which will limit the guest list to 50. The sellers are put in the stones մի part of the price, so the couple can not get a new photographer, DJ or florist. (Although Newcomb has prepared a cup, the sponsor under which a Jewish couple stands during their ceremony sets a flower budget to honor the husband’s faith. If the couple is not Jewish, they can turn the cup into another flower arrangement. to have a chuppah, “said Newcomb.) Newcomb also made it clear that the winning couple would rather pay in full or at most two parts. He will get a lawyer to review all the contracts, so everything is legally square. “At the end of the day, this is a business deal,” Newcomb said. “I do not try to get more than $ 15,000 or less. “It’s just the price. I’m not raising it for inflation just because people are interested.” Although he can be mocked by a couple who has a “beautiful story”. “A couple came to the rescue. They are lesbians in Brussels who have children and have never been married,” said Newcomb. “Now they want my wedding. I’m in that idea. ” One of the brides told Newcomb that she would invite him to the ceremony. “I really do not want to go, but I would definitely like to spy during the cocktail hour. “Look at the scene, have a glass of Presco, take a few photos, and then go out to dinner with my friends,” he said. “It’s a fun touch.” Newcomb added that he would love if the winning couple could follow TikTok to document their wedding. “They do not need a ton of followers, I just want to watch a video,” he said. And if the bride is 10 sizes, Newcomb said she will also “throw” her wedding dress. Why not? When Davidson saw Newcomb’s TikTok video, he immediately sent an offer to Newcomb before consulting with his fiancé. (After that, he was informed that he was “really excited” about the prospect.) The couple were engaged to Long Island last summer during a break before they both returned to school. They roamed the Planting Fields Arboretum, a former gilded estate of more than 400 acres. The couple spent their first birthday there, they like to come back as much as possible. Politics Stephanie Davidson Davidson suddenly said that she could end the long weekend with an offer. In any case, he got a green manicure in the forest. Davidson said. “I kind of knew it was going to happen, but I was still screaming.” The nursing school Davidson enrolled on the day New York City closed in March is holding her back from properly planning her wedding. He likes that Newcombs is in Brooklyn, where he is going to get married, but he thinks that the places are “very expensive”. What else does Davidson like about the offer? “Oh my gosh, he said something about the DJ that made me know we had the same kind of vibration. He said that his DJ does not play with any problematic men. That’s amazing. Because when Chris Brown [abuse allegations] came out, I was heartbroken. I loved him, but I could never hear him again! So I’m not worried about that. The location really և the DJ sold me in it. ” “This answered my prayers,” Dijson said. “I try not to get too excited because I do not want to raise my hopes. But I am at the point where I will do whatever it takes. ” Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Register now! Daily membership of animals. Beast Inside deepens the stories that may be important to you. Learn more

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