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Eo Rogan misunderstands vaccines և young people

For the same reasons that left-wing authorities ignore Substack այլ other platforms of independent content producers. Financial success նախ Jealousy of more interesting people, fear of misconceptions (welcome to the New York Times review page or Joy Reid cable show). They now want to make Rogan a villain, a pioneer of comedians and commentators on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It should be reminded that many of them demanded that Bernie Sanders resign from Rogan, who has made badly controversial comments in various positions, which make him obscene in a certain kind of liberal circle, after he approved the Vermont senator in 2020. During the presidential cycle. We need to remember this hidden anger at Rogan as he responds to his very aggressive, unmistakable misinterpretations of coronavirus vaccines. He said the following: People say. “Do you think it is safe to be vaccinated?” I said. “Yes, for the most part, I think it is safe to be vaccinated. I do, I do. ” But if you are 21 years old, և you tell me. “Should I get vaccinated?” I am going. “No. You are healthy, you are a healthy person. ” Do not be fooled by the look, but you have to take care of yourself. If you are a healthy person, you are constantly exercising, you are young, you are eating well, I do not think you should worry about this. Rogan continued to discuss parents ‘concerns about their younger children’ s immunization mandates. Of course, this is not a completely unfounded concern. Vaccines have not been approved for children, and if universities have any indications, vaccination may be mandatory in schools in the future. Children are opposed to the theoretical mandatory vaccination of their children, it is fair. But at the moment, such a mandate is just that – theoretical. The government has not developed vaccines for children. It did not show any indication of planning to do so. As for the main problem of vaccines, young adults, Rogan is simply wrong. Not only does he fail to take into account the potential public health risks associated with the large number of young people who prefer not to be vaccinated, but he also misjudges his risks for young people against the virus աստ vaccines, brutally. If young people do not get the large number of vaccines, the virus will continue to spread to both young and old, more vulnerable populations. The first-class consequences are quite serious. Many will die in this last group – some young people, most of whom, according to Rogan, are right, are not in danger of death, can have a long-term effect from a disease that we do not yet fully understand. Moreover, the longer the disease has a significant basis in the population, the more variants will develop. Although vaccines have been surprisingly effective in counteracting the many variants developed so far, there is no guarantee that they will be as successful in the future. But even if we were to consider whether young people should be vaccinated based solely on the possibility of dying, any examination of the available data would lead to the conclusion that the answer is yes. According to the latest data from the CDC, 2,097 Americans in the 18-29 age group have died of COVID as the least contributing factor to their deaths. In brackets 30-39, that number reaches 6089. For Americans over 40, that’s 16,507. Now these are not particularly horrible calculations, if you have only heard the alarm bells in the media over the past year, you may be shocked at how low they are. But even then, they still pose a threat that is greater than the supposed vaccines. The CDC stopped the distribution of son onsone և John onson vaccines two weeks ago after it was linked to several cases of severe blood clots in a very specific demographic area. Pfizer և Moderna has generally had no problems with vaccines, except for a rare allergic reaction. Thus, Rogan’s thesis fails even on its own terms. Rogan was irresponsible, careless, and deserving of criticism. Man has a huge platform. To use it during an epidemic, even if unintentionally, to mislead means to risk one’s life. However, we must be careful how we correct it. Rogan is not an expert, he does not admit that he is. In many ways, he stands for your average American, curious, opinionated, pessimistic, a little crazy. That’s why many people love him. Perhaps the wisest approach is not to often blow him up by the wrong professionals or get carried away by a pre-formed crowd that already wanted so badly to see him destroyed. Many will see themselves, like Rogan, as subjects of such anger. So much of the vaccine advocacy’s rhetoric has been pedantic. White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield went on to say: I think my first question would be whether Rogan became a doctor before we were looking. I’m not convinced that getting scientific advice from Rogan’s is probably the most effective way for people to get their information. If the ultimate goal is less skepticism about the vaccine, then we will need less advertising arguments from the authority, such as the possibility of less ignorant Rogan.

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