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Some Californians may not be able to get the vaccine despite the large supply

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Hearing of over-the-counter vaccine appointments disappoints Dr. Aaron Roland, a family doctor who lobbied for doses to vaccinate his patients, many of whom are low-income, immigrants or the elderly.

A doctor in the San Francisco Bay Area has more than 200 patients who have wondered when he will offer the coronavirus vaccine. One patient, 67, said he entered the Safeway supermarket because the signs indicated that there were doses.

“But they said, ‘No, they are not really available. You just have to be online, just register online. ” That’s not something he does very easily, “said Dr. Roland, whose practice is in Burlingham, south of San Francisco.

California, which floats on vaccines, is in much better shape than it was just weeks ago when the appointment was made. Today, Los Angeles, San Diego and other populated countries advertise that anyone can walk for a shot, and the state sends messages that there are many meetings. The rural Humboldt district even rejected 1,000 additional doses last week due to low demand.

Of the approximately 32 million eligible people in California, more than 18 million are fully or partially vaccinated, including nearly half of the people in the economically vulnerable ZIP codes who were most affected by the epidemic, 73% of the population և 65 բարձր above. The country’s most populous state, like most of the United States, seems to have hit the vaccine plateau.

Declining vaccine demand reflects the challenge facing the United States in overcoming the epidemic, even when other countries are in full medical emergencies and have fewer vaccines.

But that does not mean that everyone in California who wants a vaccine can be vaccinated, as some of Dr. Roland’s patients have testified.

Marley Mokhtarzade was recalled from a pharmacy in downtown Milbray offering a single shot of John Onson և John Onson vaccine by a staff member who told her to prescribe online.

But 80-year-old Mokhtarzade is not able to do that, and his granddaughters have not been able to appoint him either. He has worn out due to repeated attempts to get a hole through the toll-free number, so he will wait for the vaccine to be given to Dr. Roland, his three-year-old doctor.

“I’m not a young girl,” she said. “I’m trying to find someone who will give me the shot. They have it at Millbrae Walgreens. I do not know why they will not give it to me.”

Moving forward will require more effort to reach the unvaccinated, say health professionals. The group includes people who can not leave their homes or can not miss work. For some, vaccination may not be a priority, or they may have questions that cannot be answered during the online vaccination appointment.

“We want to reach everyone, and what is happening right now is that every person we’re trying to reach is getting a little bit harder,” said Dr. of the Department of Epidemiology and Biography at the University of California. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, San Francisco. “It’s not as easy as putting up a mass vaccine site and saying that if you build it, they will come.”

Regions, cities, և providers turn to health workers for home shootings or vaccination sites, even offering incentives to as many people as possible. Like California, many states have more doses than weapons to put them on.

Families together in Orange County, a community health center where more than half of the patients are Latin, is hitting shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and schools, said CEO Alexander Rosell.

Mari is one of the districts that is eliminating mass vaccination sites in favor of small mobile clinics. The Santa Cruz district has resumed its medical “strike team” of people in need of home vaccinations.

But finding out who needs help և where they live is not easy. “There is no perfect list of them,” said Ason Eason Hopin, a district spokesman.

It is expected that government officials will soon issue more guidelines on home-made vaccines so that more people can be vaccinated as they work to add suppliers to their list. Insurer Blue Shield took over the administration of the vaccine on March 31.

Dr Roland’s practice allowed patients to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in late February, but he was unable to get vaccines from the San Mateo area or the Blue Shield. County spokesman Preston Merchant said suppliers with limited reserves should buy it from Blue Shield.

People caring for their 96-year-old mother who has been vaccinated elsewhere և Grandmothers of severely disabled adults are among those seeking vaccination from Roland. They do not have computer skills, he can hardly tell them to keep checking the state websites of many pharmacies, hospitals, counties offering appointments.

“It is good that there are so many different channels,” he said. “But one of the places where it would be good to get the vaccine is their doctor.”

As the state shifts from a shortage of vaccines to a decline in demand, family physicians can help people overcome reluctance. Doctors who have relationships with their patients trust more than an anonymous person who shoots.

Dr Kim Rohads, director of UCSF Cancer Research և Umoja Health, a vaccination group targeting African Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, said the government could continue to fund small community organizations that know where to go because of corner shops and other neighborhoods. places people gather.

“If he does not go there,” he said, “we will miss the opportunity to put a hat on this epidemic.”


Associated Press writer Brian Mellie in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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