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Special tribute to Charlotte Hester Ford, once the oldest American

Hester McCardell Ford, who until two weeks ago was the oldest American to date, will be honored with a special light display at a funeral, his grandson Tanisha Patterson Myers told the Observer on Tuesday.

Ford died at his home in Charlotte on April 17 at the age of 115 or 116, depending on what record you are watching.

The memorial service at South Trio Street in York Memorial Park will begin Friday afternoon, but Myers said the family did not anticipate that the trial would be “really long.”

A public viewing of Wayne Russell Funeral Home on Beatties Ford Road is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, but Myers said the family will be given a two-hour window.

Charlotte, the oldest American woman with 125 grandchildren, dies

Born on a farm in Lancaster County, Ford lived in 1918. Through the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic և influenza epidemic. Married to her husband John on Ford on the 14th, she had 12 children, 68 grandchildren and 125 years old. grandchildren և about 120 grandchildren.

According to his family, the Ford age mess comes from two sets of US Census Bureau documents. Some say Ford was born in 1905, but others say he was born in 1904. In any case, being 115 or 116 before his death, Ford means that he was still the oldest living person in the United States, according to the data gerontology research group.

To honor Ford, the Duke Energy Center, which is 786 feet high, will be illuminated in purple above the city on Wednesday night, its favorite color.

“I think it would be nice to see that,” Myers said.

Staff writer Theoden es Ains contributed to this story.

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