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Statements from Biden’s Joint Address to Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Associated Press is a fact-finding statement from President Biden’s first address to Congress, the Republican response. A look at some of the assertions we have studied.

BIDEN. “If you believe in getting citizenship, pass it (immigration law) so that more than 11 million undocumented people, the vast majority of those who hold more visas here, will pass.”

FACTS. He makes a baseless claim.

There is no official estimate of how many people entered the country legally and exceeded more visas. The government estimates that 11.4 million people were living illegally in the country as of January 2018, but does not differentiate how many entered legally, stayed after their visas expired, and how many arrived illegally.

Robert Warren of the Center for Migration Studies in New York, a former director of the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s statistics department, who has spent decades researching visa congestion, has done the latest work on the issue. He estimated that as of 2018, visas in the country illegally exceeded 46% of people – not the majority, moreover, the “overwhelming majority.”


Biden on his economic proposals. “There is a broad consensus of economists – left, right, center; they agree that what I am proposing will help create millions of jobs, generate historic economic growth.”

FACTS. He shines on those close to him. Some economists, by bridging the ideological spectrum, say that he spends too much or in the wrong way. Biden’s epidemic program enjoyed some bipartisan support and even received the stamp of approval from Kevin Hassett, Trump’s chief economist. But his policies have also been the subject of bipartisan criticism.

Larry Summers, Barack Obama’s chief economist and Secretary of the Treasury for Bill Clinton, warned that Biden’s aid package was jeopardizing inflation rates that would not be seen for generations.

Biden’s recent proposals for infrastructure և families require a significant tax increase for corporations և wealthy investors, leading to criticism from many CEOs և more conservative economists that growth could be stunted. Biden’s economic team says the resulting programs and infrastructure will boost growth.

The plan to raise capital gains taxes irritated Douglas Holtz-Eak, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office and a Republican adviser. He said the White House was wrong to focus on taxpayers, that it might be what part of the economy would be taxed.

“Wealth taxes are a draconian tax on that annual return on capital,” he said. “The amount of taxable economic activity is possible, not the number of people.”


BIDEN. “We kept our commitment, Democrats and Republicans, by sending $ 1,400 in rescue checks to 85% of all American households.”

FACTS. It is not true:

Senate Republicans in the House of Representatives opposed the bill, which included a $ 1,400 stimulus test known as the “American Rescue Program,” calling it too big, too bloated.

All but one Democrat supported the bill.

Although no Republicans voted in favor of this year’s coronavirus bill, they supported sending checks to Americans in earlier stages of aid legislation. The aid bill, which was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in December when Donald Trump was still president, gave many Americans $ 600 in checks.

Some Republicans, despite voting against it, are advocating for programs created by the coronavirus bill.


BIDEN. “When I was vice-president, the president asked me to focus on providing the help I needed to address the root causes of migration. And it helped keep people in their own countries, not forcing them to leave. The plan worked, but the Last Administration decided it was not worth it. “I’m resuming the program. I asked Vice President Harris to lead our diplomatic efforts to take care of that.”

FACTS. It is wrong:

Biden has led Obama’s efforts to increase migration from Central America, but poverty and violence have been endemic for decades. Hundreds of millions of dollars in US aid go to Central America every year, even during Donald Trump’s presidency, but migration from Mexico to Central America continues unabated.

The number of unaccompanied children encountered by US border authorities in March reached nearly 19,000, the highest number of Central American families և children from the third largest wave in both Democratic and Republican administrations since 2014.

Biden offered $ 861 million in aid to Central America next year as part of a $ 4 billion plan, up from $ 506 million to $ 750 million a year in the previous six years.


BIDEN, insisting that Congress should authorize Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. “And, by the way, it will not only help Medicare users. It will reduce the price of prescription drugs for everyone. ”

FACTS. There may be a desired thinking there.

According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, private insurers covering working-age Americans and their families will indeed be able to receive the same discounts as Medicare. But while Pelosi must be able to pass his legislation through the House, the situation in the Senate is different. If only a handful of Democrat senators are dissatisfied with his broad approach, Biden may have to settle for less. Thus, there is no guarantee that the final bill will reduce the cost of prescription drugs for everyone.



SOUTH CAROLINA SEN. TEAM SCOTT. “This administration has inherited a wave that has already turned around. The coronavirus has escaped. “Thanks to Warp Speed, our country is flooded with safe, effective vaccines thanks to the Trump administration.”

FACTS. It’s a real stretch.

Biden took on the COVID-19 winter wave, the worst that hit the nation. True indeed, in the second week of January, the number of deaths began to decline from their peak, but the tide had not yet turned. Everyday events were on average more than three times higher than now.

And while the Trump administration was overseeing the delivery of two very effective vaccines, the supply of doses did not meet demand, several governors complained about tangled signals from Trump’s team.

Trump was focused on his campaign to overturn the election results, he did not pay much attention to the epidemic, as his term ended.


SCOTT. “Right before COVID, we had the largest economy of my life. The lowest unemployment rate ever recorded among African Americans, Hispanics and Asians. And a minimum of 70 years for almost all women. Wages were growing faster inside than at the top. 25% of the locals saw that their salaries were rising faster than 25%. “It happened because the Republicans were focusing on expanding opportunities for all Americans.”

FACTS. His statistics are selectively misleading.

In terms of numbers, nothing is fake on his face. But the profit reflected the longest expansion in US history. Something that started under the Obama administration just continued under the Trump administration without much change in growth patterns.

Women’s labor force participation in 2001 It was below its peak, so Scott’s claims about unemployment were half-hearted. The Spanish-speaking unemployment rate was lower as the overall unemployment rate was lower. But both are still far behind white workers.

Scott ignores lending to the Federal Reserve, which has kept interest rates at an all-time low to support growth and continue to recover from the Great Depression.


Associated Press writers osh osh Boak, Ricardo Alonso-ald aldivar, Eliot Spagat, David Clapper, Calvin Woodward և Hope Yen contributed to this report.


EDITORIAL NOTE – A look at the veracity of statements made by politicians.


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