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Steven Miller’s new legal outfit claims that Biden’s policy is racist. Against white people

Brendan Smialowski / AFP Getty

Brendan Smialowski / AFP Getty

Two of Trump’s former aides have a new project for pets. Part of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 bailout bill is said to be racist against white people.

The lawsuit filed by America First Legal in Texas, a new group created by former Trump adviser Stephen Miller նախկին former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, argues that aid to non-white farmers is discriminatory. The group is suing Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who is suing as a private citizen-farmer.

The complaint filed by Biden Secretary of Agriculture Tom Wilsack on Monday alleges that the Department of Agriculture discriminates against “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers” by referring to racial minorities such as African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Hispanics. Asian-Americans աղ Pacific Islands.

The trial brings a dizzying array of examples. From the examples of Martin Luther King, Jr. I have a dream During his speech, Sid Miller addressed allegedly “2% African-American” ancestors, claiming that the comment was “clearly unconstitutional.”

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The lawsuit alleges that targeting only non-white farmers for federal aid ignores the racial prejudice historically felt by the peoples of Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Judeo-Eastern Europe. The complaint states that these groups should be included in the Department of Agriculture’s definition of “socially vulnerable”.

It alleges that excluding farmers like Miller, who claim to be of extreme African descent, is based on a “blood-quantum” approach that has no legal basis. The Department of Agriculture did not return requests for comment on the lawsuit.

Cases linking Martin Luther King Jr., as he describes modern America, as “a beautiful, complex, more intricate fabric of racial origin” may raise some eyebrows, given that Miller’s immigration policies were often blamed on the Trump administration. in being a racist.

The Biden administration’s initiative to help farmers in historically marginalized groups is part of the White House’s broader racial justice agenda, as well as its $ 1.9 trillion COVID assistance package.

The lawsuit alleges that the estimated $ 5 billion was earmarked for farmers and ranchers belonging to these marginalized groups. That $ 5 billion is at least part of the $ 10.4 billion earmarked for Biden’s massive agricultural stimulus package, dubbed the US Rescue Program, in March.

Earlier this month, Stephen Miller told the story The Wall Street Journal: The idea for America First Legal stems from the fact that trial groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have been found to be “extremely effective” in slowing down White House initiatives during the Trump administration.

“It has no counterbalance on our part,” Miller said. According to him, the immediate purpose of America First Legal is to challenge the initiatives of the Biden administration, which contradict the values ​​of the Trump administration, although Miller said that his goal is to take Big Tech to support police officers. This is the first lawsuit filed by America First Legal.

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