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Take a look at Kamala Harris Madame Tussauds wax figurine for the first time for VP

Vice President Kamala Harris will tell the story once again as she becomes the first vice president to receive her candle shape from the world-famous Madame Tussauds.

Her wax figure, like that of President Biden, will be on display at Madame Tussauds in New York.

“I have a great honor to sculpt Kamala Harris,” said sculptor Vicki Grant. The video posted by the museum“I feel that the most important qualities to be right are not only her beautiful, warm smile, but also her eyes. I feel he is so attractive when he smiles. ”

Here is your first look at the image of Harris wax, who became the first female vice president և the first vice president և ումից from South Asia origin in 2020. After the presidential election.

It took six weeks for the sculptors to finish, and according to Ms. Tussauds, it would take another four or six months.

According to the museum, the images of Biden and Harris will be replicas of the outfits they wore to the inauguration of the president in January. Harris’ outfit will feature her purple coat, dress, gold-pearl necklace, pearl earrings, bracelets and rings.

The Madame Tussauds wax museum has unveiled key sculptures by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Madame Tussauds wax museum has unveiled key sculptures by President Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden և Harris figures will be on display at the New York Museum later this year during the Oval Office rehearsal.

“We are honored to create an image for Vice President Harris to reflect this significant moment in US history for Madame Tussauds guests in New York,” said Madame Tussauds spokeswoman Brittany Williams.

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