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Taliban attack airport as US troops begin withdrawing from Afghanistan


Taliban threaten to attack US, NATO troops as Trump’s’s May 1 anniversary expires

The Taliban threatened to launch attacks on US and NATO troops on Saturday as the Trump administration-mediated deadline for the complete withdrawal of foreign troops came and went on May 1. Why is it possible? President Biden announced last month that the United States would begin withdrawing troops from the country on May 1, but it would be completed by September 11, in response to which the Taliban promised to resume attacks on US and NATO personnel. Get timely market news with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free. What do they say? “As a withdrawal of external forces [Afghanistan] “It was agreed that the deadline expired on May 1, a violation that in principle paved the way for the IEA Mujahidin to take any action against the invading forces,” Taliban spokesman Abi Abdullah Mojahid said in a statement on Saturday. The big picture The Taliban has stated that it will not participate in peace conferences until all foreign troops have left for Afghanistan, Axios’ Dave Lawler reports. The group is part of the Afghan government, Al Jazeera reports. There are currently about 10,000 NATO troops in the country, of which about 3,500 are American. The Pentagon is also preparing for a possible Taliban attack on US-NATO coalition forces, the AP reports. Several other people were killed, VOA reports. A bomb blast near the Afghan capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 25 people and injured more than 60 others, including many high school students. More from Axios. Sign up for the latest updates! market trends with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free

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