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Tekashi69’s wild concert in Orlando should be stopped after the rapper threw himself into the crowd

How do we know that everything is normalizing, slowly but surely? Tekashi69 (6ix9ine) spent a wild night at the Central Florida Club on Friday.

The 24-year-old rapper had to stop performing in Thierry, Orlando, after everything got out of a situation that was mostly unmasked. But the mess did not start because of masks or social distance.

In the shocking video spread on social networks, you see the performer (real name Daniel Hernandez) singing his hit “Gooba” from the balcony, then diving into the crowd inside.

Rapper Tekashi69 was just partying at SoBe. He was in court later. What?

In the background, people start to get mad at Tekashi, while others hold the phones high and shoot a chaotic scene.

TMZ reports that security then had to stop the concert.

Tekashi lawyer Lance Lazaro told the media that despite rumors that fans were trying to take away his expensive jewelry, he said the entertainer was not actually robbed. Apparently, they just wanted to be close to a Brooklyn-born music star.

This was Tekashi’s first concert since being released from federal prison in April last year on charges of racketeering, firearms, drug trafficking and other charges. A Manhattan judge has ruled that the singer’s immunosuppressive health (he has asthma) will make him more vulnerable to catching a coronavirus from within.

The Tier call for comment was not returned on Monday.

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