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Texas House nominee Susan Wright warns feeders after robocalls claim she killed her husband

US Congresswoman Susan Wright said Friday she was seeking help from the FBI նախարար Justice Department after supporters said they had received robotic calls that she had “killed” her husband, Ron Wright, who died in February. after fighting cancer և COVID-19.

Susan Wright’s campaign says she learned about the robot calls on Friday morning. Twenty-three people are seeking Ron Wright’s seat in the 6th district of Texas, which includes most of Arlington, Mansfield, as well as Ellis and Navarro. Election day is Saturday.

“It’s illegal, it’s immoral,” Susan Wright said in a statement. “The sewer is not so deep that some politicians do not fall into plumbing. Imagine that. Someone is attacking my late husband, the love of my life, a man who has given me such joy in life. I will not allow darkness to prevail. I live in the light of Christ և his truth will protect me as it kept me from losing my husband. ”

Big Dog Strategies partner և Wright’s chief adviser Matt Langston said in a statement that officials called the authorities as soon as they heard reports of the robots.

“Susan’s opponents are desperate, they are resorting to a policy of disgusting flooding, because they know she is the leader,” he said. “I’m looking forward to someone going to jail because of these cells, but it’s a Sunday problem. “We win on Saturday.”

The priceless female voice says that Wright obtained a $ 1 million insurance policy six months before her husband’s death, that she told the nurse she had deliberately acquired the coronavirus. “Susan Wright killed her husband,” said the caller. “Now he is running for Congress to cover it.” Calls does not specify who paid for the attack message.

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