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Texas Smart Project Supporter Says ‘White Power’ to Asian Coleville Council Candidate

A member of the True Texas Project, a group in the Tarrant County Tea Party, called the White House nominee a “white force” as he campaigned during an early vote in Coleville, according to a video witnessed by two witnesses.

Emin Gillani, who is running for a seat on Council Council 5 in Coleville, said he was in the City Hall parking lot on Saturday, passing by political volunteer David Madeleine և Local City Council member Chuck Kelly talking. “David Madeleine clenched her fist and said, ‘White Power,'” Gillani said.

The second incident took place on Monday, which Gillan recorded on his phone. He was again at the City Hall, saying that Madeline had been with a group of members of the Coleville Council, including Collie Rignin’s Katie, before Madeline drove her, saying “white power” to Gillan.

“It’s not surprising, he just said, ‘” Gillani said. “I have two brown children that I am raising. I do not want them to grow up in an environment where they are not considered equal. It was hard to hear. “

Kurt Meyer, the 6th City Council candidate, said he confirmed both cases on Saturday, when he was with Gillan on Monday. Gillan has submitted an information report to the police, but says he is not prosecuting.

Madeleine has been involved in Coleville policy for several years, including with the Texas Smart Texas Project and the Texas Smart Texas Project. He rejected the interview request. Madeleine, who arrived by phone, said: “I know you’re just doing propaganda. You are not really doing the news. ” Then he turned off the phone. He also did not reply to an email seeking comment.

The penetration of Madeleine’s political campaigns in 2017 was featured in a Texas Scorecard article by the Empower Texans Conservative advocacy group. He told the Texas Scorecard of his involvement with his Northeast Tarrant Tea Party (formerly the True Texas Project) and how he supported Colleyville races, including Chris Putnam, a former Coleville council member. Member և US Congress 2020 Republican nominee և Bobby Lindamud, council member. “Through our efforts, we have inspired record voter turnout and taken back most of our board,” he told the Texas Scorecard.

Board members Kelly and Rignin ևt did not respond to Star-Telegram interview inquiries. On Tuesday, they each posted ads on Facebook condemning wheat in general racism, and Rigney condemned the “behavior in the video.”

Kelly said. “As a local member of the political council, continuing to hold my position as mayor, I first want to apologize for the words recently uttered by a frustrated member of the local community during the election և for my response. I reacted inappropriately to the words uttered. Those words were invalid, so right now I apologize and condemn the bad taste and divisive actions in the video. I also take this opportunity to say, Let’s focus on what is possible the issues that define this election. “

Another board member, George Lod Dodson, posted on Facebook: “My friend David Madley has shown me his love for everyone, regardless of their age or life. “I’m so proud to have him as a great friend.”

Medlin is featured on True Texas Project event sites and wears a True Texas Project T-shirt. The True Texas Project, an influential group backed by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton, has produced national news for racist anti-immigration messages. After the assassination of El Paso in August 2019, one of the leaders of the group, Fred McCarty, made a post on Facebook. Then imagine that you are shocked by the conflict or the hostility that results. Imagine: “Over the weekend, the True Texas Project Facebook account posted pictures of immigrants in Europe and Australia with the caption” We are under attack. “

The U Texas Smart Project was launched in 2009 as the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party by a resident of Coleville, Grapevine. It supported local tribal candidates, most notably in Coleville, where it was supported by council members Lindamud, Kelly, Athen, Dodson, Diocese Nakamura (as well as Mayor Richard Newton).

Gillan encountered other obstacles in running for City Council. Following the announcement in February, he discovered that a company affiliated with Rigney was listed as the campaign domain registrar he wanted to buy. The same thing happened with Meyer, who saw Monday’s events as intimidating. “It creates a barrier to entry where everyone in the city knows that if you run against those people, you better be prepared,” Meyer said. “As long as it is well known, this intimidation is a barrier to entry, it will prevent other qualified people from running.”

Gillani, who is of Pakistani descent, said that in Monday’s video, the behavior was not symbolic of Coleville.

“It’s not Coleville that I really feel uncomfortable with,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s just a small population of people who will say such a thing. ”

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