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The 2020 census gives the two Idaho residents more seats in Congress. What about Gem State?

In the last decade, Idaho topped the list of the fastest growing states in the country, but that rapid growth was not enough to get another seat in the US House of Representatives.

Instead, population growth in two neighboring states, Oregon and Montana, led to a congressional constituency, according to the 2020 Census Bureau, released Monday.

The state that showed Idaho to be the number one growth destination in 2010-2020 was next door to Utah. During that time, its population grew by 18.4%, while Idaho grew by 17.3%.

It is unclear how many more Idaho residents had to count to get a referral for a third U.S. representative. Preliminary data from the census put Idaho in the eighth of the 10th “second runner-up”, which almost got a place. Idaho will continue to hold only two seats in the US House. Oregon will go from five to six, and Montana – from one to two.

With only 435 seats in the US House of Representatives, it is necessary to turn around, adding a seat in one state will inevitably remove the seat of another missing person.

Representatives of the Census Bureau have yet to respond to a government official’s request for the exact number of people Idaho needed for third place. But that list was too narrow for the other states on the list, such as how razor-sharp the calculations could be. According to the Census Bureau, New York needed only 89 people to retain its current 27th place. Instead, it will lose one place.

The population of Idaho as of April 1, 2020 was 1,839,106, according to data released on Monday. In 2010-2020, the West grew by 9.2%, making it the second fastest growing region in the country after the South, which grew by 10.2%.

Idaho was one of 10 states close to qualifying for an additional seat in the US House of Representatives based on a new population in the 2020 census.

Idaho was one of 10 states close to the new 2020 census to get more seats in the US House of Representatives.

What does this mean for 2030? Or state legislatures?

More detailed demographic data below the state level will not be available until the autumn. State redistribution commissions will need this information to clarify the lines of Congress և reviewing local legislatures. Some Idaho lawmakers have suggested that the Idaho Legislature reconvene in the fall to regulate that redistribution.

The state constitution was changed in 2020. Defining the number of 35 districts in the regions, which means that the target population of each district will range from 50,000 to 55,000.

Matthew May, a senior fellow at Boise State University’s Idaho Institute for Politics, says the legislature’s lines are likely to be revised in the Treasure Valley այլ other areas of the state with the highest population growth. May said the 14th district, which includes Star, Eagle և Meridian, will be of particular interest. Growth in Base pushed the dividing line between the two congressional districts to the next west, with each successive redistribution, May said.

Idaho will not have another shot at third place in Congress until 2030, after the next census.

Experts predicted that in 2020 Idaho will fall home to the threshold needed to get a new vote in Washington. He told the statesman in January 2020 that Idaho would probably be about 61,000 people away from running for third place.

Despite Idaho’s rapid growth, May said many factors could affect whether the state would fall to third place in 10 years. The data collected last year, at the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, may not accurately reflect the range of effects COVID-19 has on communities. May said the 2020 census was the second-lowest growth rate in the United States since the Great Depression.

“I see Idaho moving up that list of 10 states,” May said. “I think a lot of that will depend on how long immigration trends continue in California, in New York, like settlements, where most of that population comes to Idaho, unlike elsewhere.”

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