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The Australian who shot the four dead policemen was sent to prison

CANBERRA, Australia. (Australia) – A speeding driver in Australia on Wednesday was sentenced to 10 months in prison on a freight highway for crimes.

Mortgage broker Richard Pusey, 42, had previously pleaded guilty in a Victorian District Court to rare public prosecution for his comments about public comment on videos taken at the scene of his phone crash. This is the first time the charge has been prosecuted in the state since 1963.

The most serious accusation he confessed to was reckless conduct endangering individuals, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Judge Trevor Wright sentenced Puse to 10 months in prison, which had been postponed since he was arrested 296 days ago.

In April of last year, police arrested Puse for driving at 149 kilometers (93 miles) on Melbourne’s Arcelian Highway.

Police confiscate contemplates the sports car because Pusey- was a lot more than 100 km / h when a truck collided with police cars and two police Porchein, emergency stop area.

Pusey, who was avoiding injuries as he was urinating in the bushes on the side of the road at the time, helped but filmed the scene instead.

His swearing comments during the filming included “he is broken,” “justice,” “absolutely amazing,” “beautiful.”

“I think everyone has been cleansed,” Puse said. “I guess I’ll get … Uber home, yes.”

When one of the five passers-by who came to the aid of the injured officers asked Puse for help, he answered: “They are dead,” he continued filming.

Wraight described Pusey’s behavior as “reprehensible.”

“Your behavior … was heartless, cruel, disgraceful,” the judge said.

Wright told Pucci that the ongoing media coverage of the case shows that “the public has taken you out.”

The judge said that although Puse’s personal disorder somehow explained his behavior, it was a serious case of behavior that upset public decency.

Stuart Schulze, whose wife, Lynette Taylor, was one of the officers killed, described the sentence as “very lenient” and “completely inappropriate”.

Wayne Gath, secretary of the Victorian Police Association, described Puse as a “worthless individual.”

“Each of us will one day encounter our mortal lives. “When his day comes, I hope he will face the same coldness, the same ruthlessness he provided my members when they confronted them,” Gath told reporters, referring to members of the slain police union.

Pusey also pleaded guilty to speeding up the crime, possession of illicit drug ecstasy, which he tested positive for, along with cannabis, roadside saliva tests. He was fined A $ 1,000 ($ 773) and disqualified from driving for two years.

Until his sentence is almost complete, he is likely to remain in prison on irrelevant charges.

Mohinder Singh, the truck driver who killed four officers two weeks ago, was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

He was killed by a drug addict, deprived of sleep when he beat officers, found guilty of driving a car, charged with three counts of drug trafficking, and possession of illegal drugs.

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