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The Biden administration will restrict arrests in the immigration court building


In her new book, Elizabeth Warren explains why she “still smiles” after losing to Biden

Today, a week later, Senator Elizabeth Warren will come out with the book “Persist”, which tells the story of her exit from the 2020 presidential election and is waiting for “this crucial moment in history.” Throughout Trump’s tenure, the crisis was a crisis of accumulation. Now we have the opportunity once in a generation to build something new, to shake who we are, to decide who we want to become. Stay on top of the latest Axios Markets market trends and economic insights. As a candidate, Biden may have sounded like a progressive fireworks display, but he and Kamala Harris campaigned for the most aggressive economic, social, and racial change in US history. They won more than seven million votes, receiving more votes than any presidential ticket in the history of the republic, they achieved that success in the fight against the incumbent president. Measure their victory as much as you like, but there is no doubt that it was a mandate for change. “I was new to politics in 2012, I was just losing in 2020,” Warren wrote, describing what it means to drop out of school. in the race held on March 5. I was a little numb, not only because I was lost, but also because I was dedicated to my campaign almost every second of every day for fourteen months. Speeches Team meetings. Planes Municipalities. TV interviews. Reading political memoirs. Calling $ 3 donor. Writing plans. There was always work to be done. Always And then click, it’s over. The curtain fell, աշխարհ my world immediately became quieter. … I noticed a message on the sidewalk in front of our house [in Cambridge], Someone wrote in bright pink chalk. “Thank you.” … [L]Someone left a box of chalk outside that morning, and there were more messages on the sidewalk throughout the day. “A big fight is difficult in a dream.” “Pinkie’s promises are eternal.” “Our little family loves you.” The children drew flowers, ponies, and rainbows. … The next morning I opened the door to our kitchen, which leads to a small porch on the side of our house. It was the largest message ever on the sidewalk next to the highway. Two feet high, each letter heavily chalk, was one word. PERSIST. Another part goes through his well-known campaign plans of more than 14 months, “eighty-one glorious, juicy, interesting, hard, powerful, imperfect plans.” The real strength of the programs was that they showed how we could dismantle the economic and political system that worked well for those above but left everyone else …. In August 2019, we held a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota. About 12,000 people were involved. The selfie series lasted for hours, but one of the best moments came when a young man shook my hand and said he wanted to thank me for all the plans. He explained that he was running for a local office for the second time. When he ran a few years ago, he was told, “Nobody gives his plans. In general, say what you like, what you are from. “Then talk about the Vikings.” This time he said he was talking about plans. And when he was criticized, he said: “If Elizabeth Warren can do it, so can I.” On the night of the 2020 election, when Biden won, վերահսկ Senate oversight was uncertain, Warren writes. “I could not sleep. Change was coming, I was making a plan. “The senator hints at the future, writing that his signature plans are” now on the shelf for future campaigns, future policymakers. s programs that gave us a vital framework in which to dream big և fight hard. I lost, but I’m still smiling. ” Հատված Read a passage of 2400 words. … Get the book. More from Axios. Sign up for the latest market trends with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free

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