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The city says a mixed breed dog who mortally incarnated a girl in Fort Worth has been subjected to ethan.

The dog that killed a 4-year-old girl in the southern courtyard of Fort Worth was humanely euthanized on Saturday morning at a city animal shelter, a city official confirmed.

The dog was a mixed breed, speaker Diane Cowie said by telephone. Kutin said the euthanasia took place at a shelter on 4900 Martin Street and that he could not describe who decided to drop the dog. To the question whether it is a standard protocol in such a situation, he said. “There is no standard protocol.”

At around 5pm on Friday, Elijah Brown was attacked by a family dog ​​described by police. He was rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center, where he died of his injuries. 05, reports the Tarrant County Medical Examiner Office.

The cause of death was expected on Saturday.

On Saturday, police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Police Chief Neil Noax called the attack “tragic” in a statement on Friday, adding that “our thoughts and prayers are with the family and with all the first responders to this call.” Cowie said on the phone that it was a “terrible tragedy.”

On Saturday, social media was flooded with comments from a family offering their sympathy, with at least a few Facebook groups focusing on the dog attack sharing messages about the incident. There have been speculations about the dog breed.

Cowy confessed that there are people who say: “It seems so. “It looks like that,” he said, “but he’s really a mixed breed dog.” He could not name the dominant breeds.

The dog was cared for and cared for in Fort Worth after the incident on Friday afternoon.

Cowen could not say when the dog was euthanized on Saturday morning, how it happened.

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