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The controversial nuclear power plant near NYC is shut down

BUCHANAN, NEW YORK (AP) – Indian Point on Friday will cut nuclear power indefinitely, covering decades of fighting over a powerful source of electricity in the heart of New York’s suburbs that opponents have called a threat to millions of people living in dense mountain ranges. Region:

The retirement of the Indian Point energy center along the Hudson River could increase New York City’s short-term dependence on natural gas stations, despite the state’s reduction in carbon emissions. But Governor Andrew Cuomo and others who have fought to stop it say any benefit from the plant is overshadowed by the nightmare of a major nuclear accident or terrorist attack 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of the city.

“20 million people live 50 miles from the Indian point of view, and there is no possibility of evacuating them in case of a radiological discharge. And the risk is quite real, “said Paul Galay, chairman of the environmental group Riverkeeper.

The actual disconnection will be simple. The operator of the control room of the Indian point 3 will press a red button to close the reactor on Friday evening. It will complete the controversial shutdown of the plant’s two reactors, which were built years ago.

The reactor of the 2nd unit was closed exactly one year ago between the administration of Cuomo, the operator of the river pipe և factory operator Entergy Corp, the company of “Energy Corps” company in 2017. According to the agreement, the disconnection of the third block with the same contract paves the way for decommissioning, which is expected to cost $ 2.3 billion. at least 12 years. The high domes of the twins visible from the river will eventually collapse.

The two reactors, which went online two years apart in the mid-1970s, generated about a quarter of the electricity used in New York և Lower Hudson Valley.

They also caused controversy.

Environmentalists blamed the plant for killing the fish by taking large amounts of river water for cooling. Critics say the plant is obsolete, citing a safety history that includes faulty reactor screws in radioactive tritium found at groundwater.

Fears that the Indian Point could be the target of terrorism were heightened after one of the hijacked planes on September 11 flew down the river from the factory to the World Trade Center.

“The station was theoretically built to withstand a plane crash in the 1970s,” Cuomo told reporters recently. “Who knows what would happen to Indian Point now?”

Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi says Indian Point has been operating safely and safely since 1962, when the first retired reactor went online on the site of an old amusement park.

Entergy says low energy wholesale prices and operating costs are taken into account in its decision to close Indian Point. Nuclear power plants have been closing in recent years amid low prices for natural gas, slow growth in electricity demand and competition from renewable sources.

Buchanan Mayor Teresa Knickerbocker, a lifelong resident, says the plant’s operators are good neighbors and sad to see them leave. The village is one of the local beneficiaries of Entergy’s annual payments, with 750 employees still employed this month.

“We have always been known as one of the smallest communities with a nuclear power plant. “We were kind of proud of that,” said Knickerbocker. “People were making fun of us.” “Oh oh, you glow in the dark.” և we are like. “Yes, we have.”

The Indian Point exit is not expected to pose a reliability problem for New York’s grid. But that comes at a time when the Cuomo administration is working to increase its share of wind power from clean renewables. The state aims to get 70% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. They note that natural gas production in New York has already increased last year after the closure of Unit 2.

“Now we’re going to double the damage when Indian Point 3 closes, taking us backwards,” said Keith Shaw of the New York Energy and Climate Advocates.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. New York has more than 20 large-scale renewable energy infrastructure projects that will be more planned this year.

Tom Kongdon, chairman of Cuomo’s Indian Point Closing Working Group, said the state has been preparing for retirement for years and the state remains a destination for its clean air goals. He said that fluctuations in natural gas production are possible.

“But no matter what the change, it is temporary, thanks to this huge pipeline of renewable energy projects, all of which will be online in the next few years,” said Kongdon.

Prior to the approval of the state regulator, Entergy decommissioned the Indian Point to Holtec International in New Jersey. The spent fuel is transported to a place of giant “dry barrels” until it can go elsewhere.

Holtec said it would provide employment for more than 300 Indian Point workers, and local communities would be able to receive payments and assistance to facilitate their nuclear transition.

Knickerbocker hopes that part of the 240-hectare area will eventually be used for residential and commercial development.

“It’s the end of an era for us,” he said.

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