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The court will hear the complaint of the Dallas officer who killed the neighbor

DALLAS (AP) – A Texas court on Tuesday plans to hear an appeal against the conviction of a former Dallas police officer who was sentenced to life in prison for shooting dead a neighbor at his home.

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The panel of judges of the Dallas County jury will discuss the decision of 2019 to sentence Geiger to 10 years in prison for murder. This comes as the jury concludes that the former Minneapolis Police Department is to blame for the murder of George Coy Floyd, again focusing on the police killing of people of color.

More than two years before Floyd’s death, protests erupted across the country, and Guyger’s assassination of Jean Ani drew national attention due to bizarre circumstances: it was one of a series of shootings by unarmed White Officers.

The main facts of the case were not disputed. Gayger, returning home from a long shift, confused Jean Ani’s apartment with his own, which was right on his floor. Finding the door ajar, he went in and shot him, later testifying that he had been robbed.

Jean Ann, a 26-year-old accountant, ate a bowl of ice cream before shooting Geiger. He was later fired from the Dallas Police Department.

Now the 32-year-old Guyger’s appeal is based on the allegation that the wrong choice of Jean Ani’s apartment for his own house was justified, hence the: shooting as well. His lawyers appealed to the Court of Appeals, acquitting him of the murder or sentencing him to replace the murder with criminal negligence, which carries a lesser sentence.

In court, Dallas District Attorneys countered that Guyger’s mistake did not negate “his guilty state of mind.” They wrote: “Murder is a result-oriented crime.”

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