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Michael Sam’s rapid rise և rapid decline

The annual draft of the National Football League is perhaps reminiscent of the prototype example of our media desire for a perfect history, which is actually happening in front of them – Michael Sam’s lightning rise և equally rapid decline. For several months in 2014, Sam, the first openly gay athlete selected in the NFL, was one of the biggest names in the sports world. He was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award by ESPN, was a finalist for Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year, and was named one of GQ Men of the Year. When he was drafted, St. Louis Rams, President Obama issued a statement declaring it “a significant step forward in our nation’s journey.” Immediately after the draw, Sam’s shirt became the second highest sale in the league, after all. ,, er, ny oni Manziel. The reason you probably don’t remember much about Sam on the football field is that he’s never played in a regular season NFL game. The Aries drafted him in the seventh round, the 249th out of 256 players. Sam played a little in the pre-season, then Reims released him before the start of the season. The Dallas cowboys signed him to their coaching staff. Extra seats for players who train with the team but do not participate in games. A few weeks later, the Cowboys fired Sam, ending his NFL career. The only photos you can find of him playing in NFL uniform are pointless pre-season games. Sam did sign for the Canadian Football League with Montreal Aluets and made the roster, but he only played one game before leaving the team. There were problems with Sam on the pitch for everyone who watched him closely. Before Sam was drafted, Greg Bedard, Sports Illustrated, watched Sam’s movie tapes while playing college football in Missouri, and concluded that although Sam played a few major plays, he had a hard time making it to the NFL. season in college. He was effective, so he earned the rewards. But being a good college player դառնալ Becoming an NFL player are two different things (see Tim Tebow). Sam did well for Missouri with a lot of talent around him. Most of his production took place in three games against incomplete competition, without the need to show a passing repertoire. He does not show what the NFL is looking for in special teams, it is “difficult” to put him in the next level. For these reasons, Sam envisioned nothing better than a mid-to-late election. He could have lost weight. In my opinion, Sam is definitely average, nothing exceptional about his game. Although the fact that this project does not have a deep impact on the performers will help him, they are always needed. There is no particular shame in Sam just appearing on the NFL squad for a short time. Many players who excel at the college level never throw in the towel. Play և Invading the NFL starting lineup is really difficult. But Sam’s expectations were not met. Some of them may be his fault. Prior to his conscription, Sam was in talks with Oprah Winfrey’s own network to create a documentary about his life in professional athletics, something the Aries did not know when he was drafted. At least it made sense for Sam to quit the show after discussing it with the team. But the white-hot attention span probably did not help him in those first moments of his career. In 2015, when Sam was preparing for a lesser-known event called the Veteran Combine. , He was a finalist who brought with him a superstar media check. Tanier predicted that Sam “would pursue some anonymous defense, with similar resumes.” Only we kept our mouths shut. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We can only oppose it by remaining silent and taking a “not very smart” approach to Sam’s return. Եւ You’s Sam’s biggest problem right now. “If we treat him just like any other guy, maybe the NFL will do the same.” In the national media, as well as in the world of sports media, many people wanted Sam to be the next one, Robinson. It was probably always an unreasonable expectation. And then the heavy cloud of identity politics hovered over Sam, kneeling at his accusers. More than a few people argued that Sam was not drafted until the seventh round, that the rams were being slaughtered as a result of homophobia. The Guardian claimed that by leaving, Sam had sharply reduced the interest of the teams in his conscription. In retrospect, those arguments sound ridiculous. By professional standards, Sam just wasn’t that good. Simply put, he was too small to become a defensive end, too slow to play on the line. It has nothing to do with Sam’s personal relationship. To believe that homophobia was the driving force behind his short career, one must believe that every NFL CEO’s coach preferred keeping a gay player out of the league rather than having a good defense. After the departure of Sammy Montreal Aluet in August 2015, Kate Fagan on ESPN could accept what was quite clear throughout. Sam had a lot of interests outside of football, being a professional quality athlete, he just wasn’t that high. priorities: He did badly on the rookie combine. He was run into a fake media trade show in the months leading up to the 2014 NFL. At the NFL Veterans Club in March, Sam ran 5.07 in 40 yards, killing his short-term NFL chances. A team of advisers around him jumped on every deal they faced, including appearing on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” which ended just a month ago when Sam signed with the Allies. Sam was a footballer who was never ready to play football. Everyone around him seemed to have very different interests, very few took part in the game. Feigan confessed an ironic truth. “It is difficult to be a gay athlete. But what very few people talk about is that the biggest obstacle is not beating teammates and coaches inside the locker room. “The pressure of the polls, many of them from LGBT-friendly organizations that want to make the athlete a champion, prevents them from being distracted.” There was so much speculation that Sam should be the next Jack Eckie Robinson that he could not be the first Michael Sam, a gay man who was drafted at the end of the NFL conscription, just so good that he made his team roster and worked as a reserve. Such a career would not be glamorous, but it would still be a breakthrough. The rapid rise and fall of Michael Sam sheds light on the alarming trend not only of sports media outlets, but also of all media outlets, seeing the story they prefer to see instead of the reality before them.

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