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The Florida GOP is awaiting the governor’s signature on the new voting rules


After praising the Florida election as a national model, state lawmakers passed a series of rules that they said would enhance the integrity of the upcoming election, despite critics saying it was a partisan attempt to keep some voters out of the ballot box.

The influence of postal voters was not lost in the debate in the country, which significantly affects the balance of power in the country.

Republicans and Democrats have hailed Florida’s recent election as other key states in the November election were in turmoil.

Gov. Ron Desantis has called for changes to the state’s electoral law as part of a Republican-led presidential race in November last year that ousted then-President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

Most of the discussion focused on how to collect, return, and return ballots.

Republicans called the GOP measure a “safeguard” against fraud, while Democrats argued that the new rules were designed to make it more inconvenient, if not more difficult, for some, especially black, less experienced voters.

The event was held on Thursday, և appealed to the governor to get his signature, it was very different from some of the more stringent measures initially proposed, including the direct ban on ballot boxes և the requirement to present an identity document when the ballots were dropped.

Democrats still had Georgia in mind to protest changes to the remaining rules, including a ban on groups that distribute food and water to voters awaiting voting, although the ban did not apply to election officials.

“We have never said that a non-profit organization is trying to influence people,” said Blaise Ingoglia, a Republican who helped pass the bill. “What we are saying in the bill is that the purpose of the no-language zone is to make sure that no one is trying to influence the vote as long as they are in line.”

The revision of Georgia’s election rules has caused alarm among Florida’s “other Democrats”‘s ombudsmen, who oppose new identification requirements that critics say would make the one-time change in voter registration information more inconvenient.

“We, as our Republican governor said, had one of the best-running elections in the country. Today, the majority party passed a bill on voter pressure through a last-minute military exercise that mimicked a voter pressure bill that mimicked what happened. In Georgia. ” said Democratic Representative Anna Eskaman.

If enacted by law, the ballot boxes will only be available during the opening of early voting sites. In some districts, voters could use the ballot boxes at any time during the day to present their completed ballots.

The main focus of the discussion is mail voting, including the use of ballot boxes, the so-called “ballot collection”. The latter is a custom that Republicans have long sought to limit because of concerns that outside groups might disrupt the ballots they have collected.

In addition, these drops should be monitored by election officials.

Not so long ago, Republicans had the advantage of voting by mail. But Democrats worry that the epidemic will disrupt voter turnout on election day, prompting the party to push aggressively to get people to vote early, particularly by mail.

Last fall, Florida Democrats surpassed Republicans in the mail by more than 680,000 ballots.

More than 11 million Florida voters cast ballots in the November election, and 4.8 million voted by mail, a record 44 percent of the nation’s vote. Trump was still around 3% in Florida, but the Democratic advantage of absentee voting was a concern for Republicans, who once dominated by mail.

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