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The groom does not like the bride’s dress և asks Reddit if he is wrong in saying it. “Less disappointed”

Honesty was not the best policy for a single Reddit user who should get married.

The anonymous groom told a story about the rough patch he goes through with his bride over his wedding dress. In a popular sub-program where users vote on who is wrong in a civil dispute, the groom explained that he is not a fan of the big dress he bought for their big day.

It is reported that the groom was looking for his dress for several months at the expense of the groom.

The bride gets support from her grandmother’s $ 4g wedding dress budget is not enough, she wants to ask more

“She found her favorite dress, bought it, she was very excited to keep it a secret. “She showed me the photos of the bridesmaids ‘dresses. I said they were beautiful, they really matched my fiancés’ costumes,” the groom wrote. “Anyway, she took off her dress and asked what I was thinking. I specifically asked her if she wanted the honest truth of God, if she wanted me to criticize the dress, if she knew she loved it, just wanted to show me. He said he wanted my opinion. “

However, when the groom’s bride tried on the dress and went out to show it to her, she described her first thought as “a little disappointed”.

Prior to her purchase, the bride showed the groom inspirational photos of “sexy body-hugging dresses” to match their whimsical forest theme, which she was expecting. Instead, she opted for a full-length ball gown.

The bride is angry too. By mail company sent the wedding dress after indirect arrival, realizing that she put it on from the outside.

“She is a beautiful woman, of course, she looks incredible in everything, but the dress completely dwarfed her. In fact, it did not correspond to the theme of the wedding, for which she worked so hard,” the groom explained. “But she chose a gorgeous dress with a magnificent skirt. She basically chose the huge Disney princess dress. I just did not like the way it looked at all.”

He eventually told his bride that he did not like the dress because he thought it did not match his dislike for the “toilet spark”.


“He was really silent, he got up, and then he ran out of the house and went to his mothers,” the future son-in-law wrote, detailing that he had received a strictly worded text, which was later blocked by his fiancée.

He went on to say that this spitting was the couple’s “first big fight”, that he was upset because he asked if he wanted his “real opinion” in the first place.

When Redditors asked for more details, the groom updated his post, saying that after checking his credit card statement, he learned that the dress was worth $ 9,000, which, according to him, may play a role in the reaction of his bride. There are only nine months left in their wedding.


The main commentator of the thread called the groom for his insensitivity and lack of care.

“What good could it be to tell her that you do not like the dress, it is ALREADY BUYING,” wrote the best commentator. “Council. Tell her you would love to make some small changes. It was just not right or some sparks were wrong. Choose something that CAN HEART. Then you may be able to save his feelings. «

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Another Redditor asked if the groom had voiced opinions that had previously been opposed by his bride, given her response.

“Do you have a history of ‘brutal honesty’ with him when he asks your opinion?” It seems that he was not ready for the possibility of negative reactions, “the commentator suggested. “If you’re usually more sensitive than that, this is definitely not the time to stop.”

Although the thread still contains more than 3,000 comments, most Reddit users write that they think the groom was wrong, with some users actually saying that they think the bride is also wrong about her behavior.

“Punish your partner for having opinions that do not fully reflect your own. “It’s really unbelievable,” he wrote in a comment.


“She could just say, ‘I’m so excited about my dress.’ “Let me show you,” another user argued. “I hope your finances will learn to communicate better, it will not torment you for years.”

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