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The judge dismissed the case against the man who claimed that acks exon used violence

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit by a man alleging that Michael Acks Exxon sexually assaulted him as a boy.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark A. Young upheld acks exxon real estate claim to reject Wade Robson’s 2013 lawsuit. The judge said the two Jackson entertainment corporations in the lawsuit had no right to protect Robson from Jackson.

“There is no evidence to support the plaintiff’s assertion that the defendants exercised control over the acks exon,” the judge wrote. “Evidence further shows that the defendants did not have the legal capacity to control the acks exon, as the acks exon ամբողջ had complete control over the corporate defendants.”

The dismissal came after a judge rejected a similar lawsuit filed by James Ames Safechuk in October. Both men filed charges in the HBO documentary Never Leaving Norland.

Robson և Safechuk’s lawyer Vince Finaldi said the verdict had “fatal flaws” and would be appealed.

“If allowed to stand, the decision will set a dangerous precedent that will expose thousands of children working in the entertainment industry to being sexually assaulted by those in power,” Finaldi said in a statement.

Robson, now a 38-year-old choreographer, met Acks Exxon when he was five years old. He then appeared on acks Exxon music videos and recorded music on his label.

His lawsuit alleges that the acks exon abused him for seven years, that as an acks exon employee, the two corporation exons were obliged to protect him in the same way that boys or the school should protect children from their superiors. But the judge found that the corporations were simply legal entities controlled by the acks exon, not organizations that could control it.

Another judge had previously rejected Robson և Safechuk’s lawsuits in 2017, finding that the statute of limitations had expired. But the Court of Appeal resumed litigation in 2019 after California Gov. Gin Newsom signed a new law that allows those claiming child sexual abuse cases to file lawsuits.

The allegations came to life again when the two men repeated them in detail in “Leaving Neverland,” a documentary that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and then aired on HBO.

Axon Ekson’s estate has repeatedly denied that he used violence against one of the boys, and has filed a lawsuit against HBO, which is now in private arbitration.

“Wade Robson has spent the last eight years making frivolous claims against Michael Ackson’s property and related companies in various lawsuits,” said Jonathan Steinsapir, acks Exxon’s real estate lawyer, following Monday’s ruling. They have no merit, no trial is necessary. “

The Associated Press does not usually mention people who say they have been sexually assaulted. But Robson և Safechak has spoken out many times, endorsing the use of their identities.


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