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The judge will not block the 2020 Arizona Senate Recount of elections

PHOENIX (AP) – Arizona will continue its unprecedented audit of ballots for the November presidential election. But a Republican-hired private company hired by the Republican Senate must make its voter privacy public and its procedures for securing the secrecy of the ballot.

On Wednesday, Maricopa County Supreme Court Justice Daniel Martin’s ruling was a “loss” for the Arizona Democratic Party, a challenge in the state. Joe Biden’s recount’s victory over Donald Trump.

Democrats have argued that the public has a right to know how the county’s 2.1 million ballots are being counted in most of the state. Their lawyers argued that voter privacy would be irreversibly damaged if the process began, at least without knowing how the recount took place.

Martin confessed that when he ordered a Senate contractor company, a company from the state of Florida, which shares unfounded conspiracy theories that claim that in 2020. The official results of the presidential election are illegal, և former President Donald Trump actually won to present his recount program. Biden’s victory in Arizona was the first for Democrats since the 1996 victory of Bill Clinton.

The Senate and its contractor, Cyber ​​Ninjas, have argued that the US Senate vote-counting policies and procedures in the Marikopa region are protected by legislative immunity, and that the documents are trade secrets. Mark Kelly won the Senate seat, sending two Arizona Democrat senators to Washington for the first time since the 1952 election.

Martin dismissed both arguments, although he gave the Senate until Thursday afternoon to ask the State Court of Appeals or the state Supreme Court to try to reconsider his decision.

“Senate defendants (claim) that Cyber ​​Ninjas policies and procedures are protected by legislative privileges. The court does not agree, “Martin said. “The court finds that the Cyber ​​Ninjas have failed to demonstrate that there is an overriding interest in supporting their policies, in concluding procedures, in overcoming the right of public access to them.”

Wednesday’s court hearing is the latest in a series of debates in which the state Senate has questioned ballots and counting machines in the Marikopa district so that it can test the results of Biden’s victory in Arizona. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The county struggled to get the ballots. But Republican Sen. Karen Fan won them access in February. They were delivered to Phoenix State Fairs last week. Fann said he wanted to prove in one way or another whether the GOP’s allegations about voting issues were valid and that the audit results would be used to draft updated election laws.

Senate Democrats call the audit an attempt to perpetuate the “Big Lie,” which they call Trump’s assertion that he only lost because of electoral fraud. The Republican-led county council is overseeing the results of the November 30 election, which was ratified by state officials, including Republican Gov. Doug Ducey.

The recount began last Friday when the process was overseen by the Cyber ​​Ninjas and former Republican Secretary of State Ken Bennett as the Senate liaison. Bennett said Tuesday night that voter privacy was being protected, with more than 100,000 ballots counted in the past four days. But he said the recount was about to end as scheduled on May 14.

“In a matter of weeks, we will be able to tell every Arizona citizen that they can be completely honest and confident in their election, or that we have some areas of the election that need improvement,” Bennett said.

During Thursday’s hearing, Senate attorney Corey Langhofer told Judge Martin that there was no need for scrutiny because there was no personally identifiable information on the ballots, that the election had been validated, and that no recount could cancel it.

“And of those 2.1 million ballots so far, the number of people whose votes were rejected or not counted in the audit is zero,” Langhofer said. “And we, of course, expect it to be zero. They have already been counted by an authoritative process. They are certified. He was declared the winner of the elections. “

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