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The link between West Wing and Biden’s address

& lt; p & gt; President Biden addresses joint congressional session at US Capitol & lt; / p & gt; (Getty Images)

President Biden speaks of a joint congressional session on the US Capitol

(Getty Images)

At one of the key points in his first address to Congress, President Biden announced his plans to push for “cancer eradication.”

It included a call from the National Institutes of Health [NIH] Create a new agency dedicated to advanced health research projects.

Fans: In: Western! They rushed to make comparisons with the speech of Martin Sheen, the hero of the series, President ed Bartlett.

In an episode of the series in 1999-2006, Bartlett said: “I will bring all the resources of the federal government լի the full availability of my office to this fundamental goal. We will cure cancer by the end of this decade. »

And it was suggested that Mr. Biden be given a similar tone to Bartlett during his speech on Wednesday.

He said. “I can no longer think of a worthy investment! And I do not know anything that is more bipartisan.

“We want to end cancer because we know it. That is within our power. “

This is not Biden’s speech for the first time In: Western! comparisons.

In a 60-minute interview in 2015, Mr. Biden said something very similar to Bartlett’s quote «100,000 aircraft» episode of the TV series.

Mr. Biden told the program: “I’m sure if we decide that Ken on Kennedy decided to go to the moon, we said we’re going to cure cancer in the next few years, we can do it. How close is that? ”

Here is the Bartlet version. “The president stood up and said we would land on the moon before the end of the decade, why should I not stand up and say that in 10 years we are going to cure cancer.”

Mr. Biden’s youngest son, Bow Biden, died of brain cancer in 2015. In his speech, the 46th President avoided thanking Republican Mitch McConnell for his bipartisan support for passing a cancer bill at the end of the Obama presidency.

He said. “I will never forget when we accepted the cancer offer last year, when I was vice-president, և almost $ 9 million goes to the NIH.

“And if you justify the point of personal privilege, I will never forget that you are standing, Mitch, tell me to put it in the name of my dead son. It meant a lot, ”he said.

He added. “But many of us have dead sons, daughters, relatives who have died of cancer. I can no longer think of a worthy investment. ”

In 2016, the same year, President Obama announced a bold initiative during his recent State of the Union address. “Make America the country that cures cancer once and for all.”

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