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The man killed by Los Angeles police had previously been shot dead by officers

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A man shot dead by Los Angeles officers on Saturday was previously shot dead by police in Rhode Island in 2018, authorities said.

The Los Angeles District Attorney has identified the man as 34-year-old Richard Solitro. His autopsy was scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Solitro was wearing armor on Saturday when he confronted police in Hollywood. the police said,

The quarrel started when Solitro cut off the police car, as the officers turned on the car lights and signals to respond to another call. Solitro, driving a sedan with words and phrases written on it, such as “Satan the Devil 666,” hit the brakes, got back in the car, and got out with his right hand on his back.

“The officers gave him orders, which he did not obey. He started counting back, saying 3… 2… 1…, when he started pulling his hand back to the front,” Detective Megan Aguilar told reporters.

At least one officer opened fire, killing Solitro. It became known that he died at the scene. No weapon was found.

In 2018, an officer shot Solitro in the northern city of Providence, Rhode Island, according to The Providence Journal. The officers responded at his home because one of the relatives was worried he might be harmed.

The newspaper reports that Solitro was shot after showing the officer a duplicate weapon.

The big jury of “Providence” in 2019 He ruled that the shooting was lawful, the Los Angeles Times reported, and Solitro did not file a criminal complaint in September for using the device as a weapon.

LAPD Captain Stacey Spell told the Times that the man killed in the Hollywood shooting was a man shot in Rhode Island.

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