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The man who hid the father accused of killing teenage daughters in a taxi in Irving is convicted

The son of a taxi driver who was accused of attempted murder in the murder of his two daughters in Irving was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Tuesday for arresting his father for more than a decade.

At Fort Worth Center, U.S. District Judge Reid O’Connor also ordered Islam Said to complete his three-year suspended release.

Yasser Said, who was on the FBI list of 10 wanted after being charged with the murder of Amina Ամ Sara Said in 2008, was arrested in August.

Islam Saeed, 32, pleaded guilty in January to plotting to hide a man from custody, a conspiracy to obstruct a formal trial.

“Islam Said preferred his whims, which were supposedly murderous, to the justice of his own sisters. Due to the work of the FBI and its law enforcement partners, however, Mr. “Saeed’s efforts were ultimately in vain,” said Prague Shah, a U.S. attorney general in northern Texas.

Yasser Saeed’s brother, 59-year-old Yassin Saeed, was convicted in February of conspiracy to commit Islam for hiding Yasser from arrest. Yassin Said is due to be sentenced on June 4.

On the night of January 1, 2008, Irving police found 18-year-old Amina Said lying in the seat of her father’s taxi passenger. His sister, 17-year-old Sara Said, was in the back seat. Both were shot several times.

Some relatives said the girls were the victims of an “honor killing” because their father thought they had embarrassed the family. Authorities declined to comment.

The criminal charges against Yassin Said երով Islam Said’s case do not indicate where Yasser Said was from January 2008 to August 2017.

Nine years after the killings, investigators took a break when, according to complaints, a maintenance worker at Bedford’s Copper Canyon Apartments spotted Yasser Said in an apartment rented by Islam Said.

After the sighting, on August 14, 2017, the FBI agent tried to interview Islam Said. He refused to cooperate and called his lawyer. Authorities later found out that Islam Saeed had called someone to say “we have a big problem”, according to the complaint.

Authorities obtained the search warrants for the apartment on August 15, 2017, but found no one. Investigators collected the remains of a Pall Mall cigarette from the trash, a pair of glasses and a toothbrush, which were found in a luggage bag inside the cabinet. The results of a DNA test collected from the apartment showed that Yasser Said was there.

In August 2020, authorities discovered that two houses were named after one of Yassin Said’s daughters, Dalal Said. One house was in Just Astin and the other in Evles. Authorities already knew that Evles’s residence was the main home of Islam Said.

Federal authorities have begun physical surveillance of both homes. FBI agents saw that Islam Saeed և Yaseen Saeed was carrying about five bags of food to Just Astin’s house.

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